The Wedding War(SC'20)

Written by Steve Tremblay

For hundreds of years the minotaur of Ellara called the northern mountain range home. It is currently called Stonesunder Mountains but that wasn't always the case. They are currently named after King Takard Stonesunder, King of the dwarves who took the mountain from the minotaur and renamed it for himself.   Many Therians may not be aware that the dwarves and minotaur used to be allies and held many of the same interests. Both took great pleasure in the war with the orcs and worked together for years to push them back.   At the time, just over 100 years ago the leader of the minotaur was Takarus Blackhoof and was a popular king among his people. He was well regarded as the best fighter and known for a large set of armor he wore.
Note: It is highly unusual for minotaur to wear armor as it restricts their movement, is hard to come by of a suitable size and the minotaur are not known for their craftsmanship.   This set of armor was gifted to Takarus by Takard Stonesunder himself and is of the finest dwarven construction and was part of a set including a shield and massive battle axe.   Once the orcs had been dealt with, something of a rift started to form between the two races but no discussion about it was had from the leaders. Years later, an argument took place between Takard and Takarus which festered and no level of diplomacy was attempted. Dwarves, not a race to feel slighted or be dishonored let that disagreement fester.   Some time later, when Takarus' eldest daughter and future leader of the clan was to be wed, a large celebration was planned to be held outside of the mountain as no indoor space would hold those in attendance. At the time, as they were not speaking, the dwarves were left off the guest list but not as an intentional offense, only to avoid a conflict. Stonesunder was furious at the affront and rallied his dwarves into an attack on the wedding. Many minotaur, including Takarus and his daughter were caught unaware and slaughtered. When the revenge for the wedding was complete, the dwarves entered the mountain and ran out any remaining minotaur that weren't killed.   The Mountain and range were renamed for Stonesunder who cemented his role as King. Takarus' armor is still inside the dwarven city, a prize on display in the King's throne room.   Since then, the minotaur have been plotting their revenge and retaking of the mountain.
After losing their home to the Dwarves, the remaining Minotaur settled at a tower they called Thunderspire


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