The Battle of Lilies

The battle for the northern lands when the orcs were pushed south into the desert for good.

The Conflict


In the age of Blood, tensions were high between everyone. Each small misunderstanding blown way out of proportion. One such misunderstanding was the Lily. While those in the north saw it as symbol of peace and tranquility, the orcs saw it as an omen of death, everywhere. Promising death to them and their children, an ever-present threat. This put everyone on edge, at all times, fraying at their nerves along with the guarded looks and disdainful words whispered around them until finally, one orc broke, swung first, giving the elves and their friends all they needed to start a war to kill or force them out.


The Liberators acted first, using volunteer recruitment to quickly destroy orc homes in the middle of the night. This sparked a violent outcry from the orcs, who all rose from their slumber thing to burry their axe in flesh and bone. This sort of deployment continued for around a year, the liberators using planned attacks while the orcs fought on their lonesome or in small, impromptu groups, tearing through their ranks.


The Dragonborns, Elves, and Centaurs have their land free of their Orc infestation and the orcs were completely eradicated from the northern lands.


Calgery and the north have hated each other ever since, always engaging in little skirmishes and battles along the border. There was an increase in the amount of orcs in Calgery, causing them to develop at a faster rate, as well as make more enemies in the long run with their increased raids and skirmishes.

Historical Significance


A deep-seated hatred of orcs and their allies by everyone that isn't one and return distain.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Diamond 10th, 769
Ending Date
Sapphire 3rd, 770
Conflict Result
The Liberators pushed the orcs from their land




Very strong, ferocious, though disjointed, working as individual fighters instead of an army.
organized, smooth, work together well, but they do not have the innate ability in a battle that the orcs do.




Keep their land and not be slaughtered.
Push the orcs into the Jopuath Waebu or kill them. Just remove them from their land so they can't hurt their children anymore.


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