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Wine Wars

This is not about money, power or even loyalty to your country. None of those mundane things really matter anymore. The wars we fight are waged over something far more important — the kind of wine you prefer to drink!
Dedlan Island is famous for revolving its entire culture around wine. The whole island is, basically, one big wineyard. The people of the island are a mix of Eirish and Kosari settlers; traditionally, the latter made white wine while the former made red wine. As such, they would often disagree on what kind of wine is the best, with disputants frequently using their fists or even swords in the process. Eventually, that would lead to a period that is now known as the Wine Wars.

The Conflict


One day, a young man from a prominent Kosari noble family died during such a duel. The Lutaire family, which the fallen noble was from, was quick to act. The victorious duelist did not outlive his opponent for long, attacked by a group of Lutaire's men in the middle of the day. In return, the Ceiteach family raided one of the assailant's warehouses and burned it down. The conflict quickly escalated out of control, involving the entirety of the island as well as both the Ardenian Empire and the Kingdom of Eire.

The Engagement

The island's population banded together around the two families at the centre of it all. While most people initially chose the side of their compatriots, the personal taste in wine quickly became the prime determinant. Those who favoured white wine were a minority, but they were backed by the Lutaire family's vast wealth as well as well as the mighty empire behind it. The families would start entire military operations involving hundreds of men and the regular troops stationed on the island.


Only after several years of fighting, the two sides finally came to terms and signed a peace treaty, with Dedlan Island reunited once again under the Eirish banner. In return, the treaty guaranteed equal treatment of both red and white wines, and arragements were made to better integrate the Kosari population of the island. More importantly, the Wine Festival was created as a place for all winemakers to freely present their products and be judged by the people of the island.
Conflict Type
Conflict Result
The Kingdom of Eire restored their rule over the island; the end of wine segregation.


Red Wine Coalition
White Wine Coalition




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