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Scuffle for the Seven Sheep

It was dark, cramped, and smelled disgusting. For a while, I thought I was throwing punches at some horrific monster. Only the next day we realized that we'd been fighting those blokes from across the field.
— Vettorio of Mavacci

  The so-called Scuffle for the Seven Sheep was a fight that occurred in an abandoned barn located between the villages of Mavacci and Oetia in the Military Dictatorship of Vivernia. The event happened close to midnight in the autumn of 1554 AU. Several sheep from both villages had broken out of their pastures and wandered off to an old barn between the two settlements.


The two Vivernian villages had been at odds for roughly 35 years due to a similar incident which involved cows. Government authorities had to break up the fighting and called for a peace treaty between the villages. Since then, the tensions had been high, but no fights had broken out.
  There was a large open field of grass that separated the two communities. An old destroyed barn was close to their border, and its fence was used to distinguish where their boundaries lied.

The Scuffle

On a dark and rainy autumn night, sheep from both villages miraculously broke out of their enclosed areas and dashed towards the tremendous green plain of grass. After meeting up with each other and eating the grass for a while, the seven sheep decided to take shelter in the barn. Eventually, the inhabitants of both settlements noticed the lack of sheep in their pastures, and they decided to go searching.
  Both groups of villagers ended up in the old barn building at around the same time. A few of them ended up bumping into each other, causing panic as they were shrouded in darkness. Without realizing what had happened, people from both sides engaged the others in combat. Punches were tossed around for nearly ten minutes until most of those from Mavacci could flee the scene.
  The shepherds of Oetia realized they had defeated their rivals in a small skirmish, and gained all of the escaped sheep.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1554 AU
Conflict Result
Oetian victory and plenty of confusion


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