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1567 AA

The sense of unity once felt a thousand and five hundred years ago has long since faded. Realms both great and insignificant vie for dominance through conventional means, but a great new struggle for the hearts and minds of the people has intensified, further dividing the already fractured civilised peoples of Lethea, the Geprati.   In all the chaos, opportunities are rife for those with the will and determination to forge a new future for themselves. Ambitious men and women have the chance to bring about their own order to this land, whether that be for the benefit of the people or their own selfish intentions.   As countless wars rage across the continent, an old enemy, one more native to the land itself, prepares for vengeance. While there are those who have dedicated their lives to preventing their return, none can truly comprehend the threat the Aberati pose to the free peoples of Lethea.

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