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Golden Awakening

24 AGA

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What is GA?

Golden Awakening is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy world set thousands of years after the events of Lethea. A devastating war had left the colonies disconnected from each other. Without vital supplies, intergalactic communication, and a proper government, technology regressed. As the war faded out, so did the light of civilisation. All that was left was isolation, death, and anarchy.   Without the knowledge and supplies to maintain them, nearly all space-worthy vessels were scrapped for valuable materials. The few that were spared landed in remote locations after running out of power or suffering from technical difficulties.

24 AGA

Centuries have passed since the great war. What once existed has faded into legend, but now from the ashes of the old, new civilisations have begun to emerge. Around 350 years after the collapse of society, the first probe was launched into space. Its task was simple - declare to what was left of the galaxy that humanity has awakened. The signal spread and everyone with the technology to receive it heard the news.   Now, 24 years after the signal, new nations are still emerging and reaching for the stars. Their organised forces clash with tribesmen who oppose their authority, and as humanity awakens, so will the ancient horrors that still plague the galaxy.
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