War for the Late King

The Conflict


On a windy day in Oro the sarcaphogus of The Mummy of Ukhauaha was found. This long lost king of the Sand Elves was held captive by the Oronians. Negotiations were attempted, but when neither party could come to an agreement the negotiations were ceased. If the Sand Elf people could not take back their king with peace, they would have to take him back by force.


Throughout the war the battlefield ebbed and flowed. Great efforts were made to pull the opposing side into terrain suitable for the defense as the Oronians were more deadly in the forests while the Sand Elves dominated in the open desert and fields.


The Oronians were constantly on the defense throughout the beginning of the war as the Sand Elves made a hard push into their territory. While the Oronians had lost a lot of ground, they were able to take back their defense as they started getting reinforcements. The war would push territories and several attempts to infiltrate the city of Oro to steal the sarcophagus were made but failed at the Oronian defenses.


The Oronian general Dordalus of Oro managed to get a sneak attack on the Sand Elf army camps. With stealth that had not been deployed by the Oronians by this time, Dordalus managed to get his army up to the Sand Elf camp. They attacked when the sun was just rising. They managed to get the drop on them and managed to kill a large number of Sand Elves and captured on of their Leaders. In exchange for the release of their leader, the war was declared over. The Oronians made other demands, including reparations to the Oronian Empire.


In the long-term this increased tensions between the Oronians and the Sand Elves. There would be later conflicts broken out, including a Second War for the Late King.

Historical Significance


Both sides use the war as arguments in their own defense. The Oronians glorify the war as a great achievement over a hostile foreign enemy. They paint themselves as the victims. The Sand Elves use the war as a lesson to not trust an Oronian. The see the Oronian empire as a power-hungry nation that will resort to force if they can't get what they want.

Technological Advancement

The war did not advance any specific weaponry, but it altered the tactics that the Oronian Empire used. Before then they largely did not have engagements in the desert. They avoided the desert as any conflicts to that point had been minor and not worth fighting. It was Dordalus of Oro who developed new tactics for the Oronian Empire to fight in the sand.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Oronian Empire makes a crushing blow to the Sand Elf armies.


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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
3 Aug, 2020 10:54

I feel as though this is a rather understandable trigger for conflict. Did the sand elves have more luck in the second war?

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