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Aranama Brawl

It was suppose to be a joke. Now, it turns into something like this.
-Bar Patron

Your word sometimes can bite you in the back

  Inside Aranama there are some bars for everyone to relax and unwind. A humble establishment that allow the patrons to mingle and have a drink to ease the tension. Alongside with music that goes along with the drink. Upbeat 150 beats per minute music that will send thunderous sensation to your ear and skin.   Since everyone here can mingle. Sometimes when the spirit starts to kick in. Some people have their own way to cope with the drunkenness.   Some will laugh at everything, some will cry at everything, some will turn into obnoxious dancer, and some will straight up sleep due to the alcohol intake.    However, there are some people that will take everything personally or tries to pick a fight with everyone when they're drunk. This happened once inside Typhoon, a bar located in the central neutral district that opens pretty much everyday on the clock.   Two person starts to brags about their feat in combat. One is bragging about their strength. The other is bragging about their proficiency with weapon.   This escalate into a duel between two of them. There are no casualty, but there's a lot of broken bottles and minor repair is needed for Typhoon.   Both of them wrestle inside the bar and ended up beating each other up. This alert the Regalia and some of them starts to head on to the bar.   Both of the name that starts the incident are written all over Aranama. Letting all the citizen that if you're doing something stupid, you'll ended up doing a community service for months.
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