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Paltetia Revolution

The Paltetia Revolution can be summarized as a war of non-magic people versus magic-users.  


This long, 27-year war began with a series of coordinated assassinations. Nomas servants targeted the influential witches and ruling mages whom they served, often attacking them when they slept or through poison.   Surviving witch and mage families retaliated, sentencing to death not only those nomas involved in the assassinations, but in some instances, their entire families and anyone suspected of colluding with the guilty individuals. In cases where the assassin was unknown, some accused and executed an innocent nomas, in order to "set an example." More than one magic-weilding family executed their entire household of servants.   Mage Emperor Imbrianus sent military troops into towns with the most assassinations and issued warnings that any further insurrection attempts would be met with swift justice. However, instead of quashing the uprising, this act triggered widespread worker strikes.   The early attacks and assassinations destabilized the ruling class, causing fighting amongst the ruling houses once again. Worker strikes and nomas deaths also destabilized the economy, threatening the food supply chains. Before long, the situation escalated into a series of ambushes, skirmishes, and eventually, full-blown battles, dragging most inhabitants of Wennovi into this war.   To complicate matters, minor magic houses (low-level magic-users) joined either side, either in solidarity with magic-users or in support of improving conditions for nomas.

The Conflict


After 27 years of bloody, brutal conflict, Emperor Imbrianus and leaders of the revolution finally came to an agreement, and the Emperor signed the Division Treaty, which essentially divided the continent of Wennovi, allowing the western portion to be occupied solely by nomas, who would have complete autonomy. Furthermore, it guaranteed the construction of the Great Divide, a magical, impassable barrier that would ensure the new nation's safety and freedom from magic.   Critics argued the Division Treaty to be too great a price, but the Emperor only said he would see no more deaths.


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It took many years for Imbria to recover from the Paltetia Revolution. Lands were reallocated to surviving mage families, the Great Divide was completed, locking Imbria out from western resources, and the economy struggled for many years.   This change necessitated the building of a navy and establishing maritime trade routes. Eventually, Imbria did reach new trade agreements with the nearby island nation Mantalos and even opened communications with the eastern continent Eldan.   Between the Great Divide and heavily guarded coastlines, Imbrians maintained zero contact with Paltetia, and soon the average Imbrian civilian came to believe Paltetia to be a barren wasteland, wherein the Paltet insurgents surely met their deserved doom.

Historical Significance


Historians consider this war to mark the beginning of the decline of the Imbrianus Empire. While Imbria did eventually recover economically, respect and awe for mage magic dwindled, as did love for the empire.   Some claim the Paltetia Revolution paved the way for the Great Uprising 380 years later.
Paltetia comes from the Ancient paltetai, meaning plain ones. This term was once used to describe non-magical people, and was eventually shortened to paltets. Non-magic people are now referred to as nomas.   Paltetian now identifies a citizen of Paltetia.

The Sparrow

The Sparrow
Character | Aug 1, 2020

The sparrow is thought to have orchestrated the series of assassinations that started the Paltetia Revolution

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
28 WE
Ending Date
1 WE
Relevant Timeline
Wars of Wennovi


Mages & Witches


  • Element of surprise
  • Large numbers
  • Magic
  • Superior resources


Medium - high


Maintain control & status
Geographic Location | Jul 2, 2022

A magically divided continent wherein one half knows magic and the other does not


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