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An overview of magic on Valayo

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.
— Albert Einstein, Law of Conservation of Energy
Magic is a natural form of energy on Valayo that can be manipulated by those with the talent to access it. It is found internally in some people, but is also present in nature. The ability to use that energy in order to affect the world and others in it depends upon many factors, including natural talent, upbringing, and the study and understanding of magic.  
[...] for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
— William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2
Magic is simply an energy. It is neither good nor evil, and it has no inherent intent of its own.     A person's ability to do greater feats of magic increases with practice and understanding. In the same way, a person can increase their own internal energy stores. However, each person has their own limit of the magic they can physically and mentally handle. This is thought to be genetically influenced. Much like exercising a muscle, pushing too far can cause more damage than good and can actually inhibit a person's magical capacity.


Each person experiences magic differently, but typically, while using magic, the caster experiences a rush of adrenaline, excitement, and sometimes even euphoria.  
It was an invigorating, intoxicating sensation that made her heart beat a little faster. The world became sharper and clearer when her power was unleashed.
— Marcella, Necromancer Queen of Necros
    After using magic, it is common to feel fatigue. Depleted energy stores can take a while to recharge, but will do so naturally over time. Casters must be careful not to overextend their limits lest they exhaust their magic stores. Overexertion can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. Extreme cases of magical fatigue can result in unconsciousness, or in rare cases coma or even death.   Unfortunately, magic addiction is somewhat common. It is a condition where casters repeatedly push themselves beyond their limits and attempt high-level magic for no reason other than to feel the rush of power. Magic addicts often end up permanently damaging their magical abilities or developing chronic magic fatigue.

Magic & Society

While magic may be a common energy on Valayo, the ability to harness it is fairly rare. Most people cannot sense or access it at all.   People with greater magical abilities are even more uncommon, and as such, the amount of magic a person can wield greatly impacts their socioeconomic status. Read more by clicking the article below.  
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Education & Expression

The type of magic people learn is determined by personal affinity and cultural setting  
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