Chronic Magic Fatigue

I can't use my magic. It hurts, and I'm tired. So very tired.
— Sufferer of CMF
  Chronic magic fatigue is a serious condition where the use of magic causes a witch undue exhaustion and even pain. Fatigue worsens with magic use, but does not improve with rest. In severe cases, even the smallest spell can create pain and fatigue.


No known causes.   Nothing is known to directy cause CMF. Many healers and scholars theorize that it is often caused by a combination of things, such as illness, stress, overuse of magic, and other factors. CMF can run in families, indicating a possible genetic link, but in some cases, only one member of a bloodline is affected.


Casting a high-level spell or using a lot of magic over a short period of time often causes the caster to feel tired. Using magic beyond one's limits can also cause head and/or chest pain. These are normal physiological reponses to depleting magic energy and are generally not serious. These symptoms of magic overuse often disappear with rest.   However, for sufferers of chronic magic fatigue, the magic wielder feels these symptoms well before reaching their personal energy limits, sometimes after casting even a simple, low-level spell. In severe cases, the person feels intense fatigue all of the time.

Symptoms of CMF

  • Magic fatique after each casting
  • Pain and/or headaches caused by casting
  • Reduced magical ability
  • General tiredness lasting more than 6 months
  • Headaches unrelated to casting
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Memory problems
  • Worsening of symptoms after magic use


Some argue CMF to be a lifelong condition that can only be managed. However, our healers have developed a CMF program designed to cure the condition. We have already had a number of success stories with no remission of symptoms for over 10 years. I call that cured.
— Founder and Manager of a CMF treatment program
.   Treatment for CMF is a lengthy process that requires a team of specialized healers with a long-term plan. Patients will find the most success in managing or even curing their condition by utilizing a treatment facility.   Treatment of CMF includes:
  • Treatment of underlying illnesses and conditions
  • Psychological therapy - determine and treat underlying fears and insecurities in general and as they relate to magic use
  • Occupational therapy - slowly improve the intensity and frequency of magic use
  • Physical therapy - improve physical fitness and physical endurance of the patient to improve energy levels
  • Stimulants
  • Supplemental energy sources - teaching patients how to obtain and use crystals and other supplemental sources of magical energy
  A person is considered cured when they have reached or surpassed the level of magic use they had before the onset of CMF and when symptoms of CMF have not occured in several years.

Affected Groups

Chronic magic fatigue can affect anyone, however, certain groups are more likely to be diagnosed with CMF.
  • Sex: women are more often diagnosed than men
  • Age: 30s to 50s most common
  • Heredity: unclear, but can run in families

Other Risk Factors

  • Certain illnesses and preexisting conditions can increase risk of developing CMF
  • Stress: stress is thought to be a risk factor, and witches in high-stress jobs may be at greater risk of developing CMF
  • Frequent magic use and/or frequently pushing one's personal magic limits
Chronic, Acquired
Unknown   Cure
  • Requires lengthy and personalized treatments and therapies
  • Recent CMF-specialized programs have been approved

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