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Summer Camp 2020

31 Days, 33 prompts. Click here for more info on Summer Camp 2020.
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Summer Camp Articles

Prompt 2

Describe a valuable historical or ancient artefact in your world.

Fire Cuff
Item | Dec 2, 2020

An artefact of the Imbrianus bloodline

Prompt 3

Describe an important religious leader in your world. How has their character changed the status quo?
Character | Dec 2, 2020

High Priestess of Torva

Prompt 4

Write about an apex predator in your world. How does it hunt and survive?
Alpine Cat
Species | Dec 1, 2021

A large, fearsome feline predator of the northern mountain ranges

Prompt 6

Decribe an important celestial body or constellation in your world.
Goddess Constellation
Geographic Location | Jul 30, 2020

The Goddess watches over us all

Prompt 8

Write about a rank or title that represents order in your world.

Rank/Title | Dec 28, 2021

The hightest title a necromancer of Necros can achieve

Prompt 9

Write about a building that has been reused and repurposed from its original design.
Adabrook Farm
Building / Landmark | Dec 2, 2020

A horse farm in pastoral northeast Salaris

Prompt 10

Describe a commonly found document in your world - what's in it and what is it for?
Travel ID
Document | Dec 2, 2020

ID required to use teleportation stations and trains throughout Salaris

Prompt 11

Describe a common item that is used as a secret symbol in your world.
Rose Petals
Item | Jul 18, 2020

Ordinary rose petals dropped in strategic locations

Prompt 12

Describe a vehicle in your world that brings joy wherever it arrives.

Priestess Carriage
Vehicle | Dec 2, 2020

A traditional, ceremonial carriage used by the High Priestess of Torva

Prompt 13

Describe how birthdays are celebrated in a particular culture of your world.
Birthdays in Torverath
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 10, 2020

Birthdays in Torverath start with a trip to the Temple of Torva

Prompt 14

Write about a secret code or cypher in your world: who uses it, and for what purpose?
Hunter Lingo
Language | Jun 4, 2021

Words and phrases used by Paltetian Hunters when in public to obfuscate their true meaning

Prompt 16

Write about a material that is considered sacred or culturally crucial in your world.
Magimandus Scales
Material | Jul 14, 2020

Magimandus scales have many uses: traditional medicine, potions, and more

Prompt 17

Describe a common old wives' tale or conspiracy theory from a region in your world. Does it hold any truth?
Mage Rising
Myth | Jul 4, 2021

A conspiracy theory about the rise of mages

Prompt 18

Write about the events of a devasting natural disaster in your world, either past or present.
340s Drought
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 2, 2020

A long drought in Imbria that led to a revolution

Prompt 19

Describe a location in your world that is brimming with diverse or bizarre flora and fauna.
Nolani Bay
Geographic Location | Dec 2, 2020

A small bay in the southern gulf of Wennovi where the Great Woods meets the sea

Prompt 21

Describe a profession in your world that has always been, or recently became, illegal.
Illusion Guides
Profession | Nov 30, 2021

This type of entertainment comes with a steep price

Prompt 22

Write about the headquarters of an organization in your world.

TAC Office
Building / Landmark | Jul 29, 2020

Trade and Commissions Agency Headquarters

Prompt 23

Describe a settlement that is famous for a particular resource, product or item created there.
Settlement | Aug 26, 2020

Epicenter of all cacao bean trade in Imbria

Prompt 25

Write about a food-focussed event in your world and describe how it's celebrated.

Chocolate Festival
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 25, 2020

A day devoted to everything cacao

Prompt 26

Write about a technology from the history of your world - is it lost to the ages, or did it shape the world today?
Mage Lights
Technology / Science | Jul 26, 2020

Predecessors to the current magic light orbs utilized throughout Imbria and beyond

Prompt 27

Describe any condition or disease for which a cure has recently been developed.

Condition | Jul 2, 2021

Chronic Magic Fatigue - unknown cause

Prompt 28

Write about the history of a settlement that was almost entirely wiped out and was then rebuilt.
Settlement | Jul 27, 2020

A small farming community in Salaris that was destroyed during the 340s Drought

Prompt 29

Write about a species in your world that is bred or farmed for a high-value resource.

Species | Aug 13, 2020

High value crop loved by chocoholics worldwide

Prompt 30

Write about an unassuming character who secretly controls things from behind the scenes.
The Sparrow
Character | Aug 1, 2020

The sparrow is thought to have orchestrated the series of assassinations that started the Paltetia Revolution

Prompt 31

Describe a material in your world that is used as a source of fuel or power.
Material | Aug 13, 2020

An aggregate mineral used for storing blood energy

Prompt 32

Write about a famous agreement, contract or treaty that shaped the history of your world.
Division Treaty
Document | Aug 13, 2020

Treaty that ended the Paltetian Revolution and divided an empire

Prompt 33

Describe the events of a conflict that started due to unusual or unforseen circumstances.
Paltetia Revolution
Military Conflict | Dec 2, 2020

An uprising of non-magic people that split an empire

Summer Camp 2020 articles will all be written for the world of Valayo, though will mostly focus on the Imbria nations of Wennovi.
A world of Magic
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Geography Summary

Valayo is a world where magic determines political, social, and economic power, and the countries and cultures of Valayo have widely different approaches and beliefs surrounding magic.   There are 3 large continents on Valayo And the island nation of Mantalos  


Wennovi is a land divided by a magical barrier, the Great Divide, into two vastly different subcontinents: Paltetia, a land that knows no magic, and Imbria, a land where magic level determines socioeconomic status and political power.
Wennovi by hcraven using Azgaar's


Genre: fantasy
military/paramilitary setting (Salaris)

Scale: global Mood: neutral to grim

  • Class relations & power structure
  • mage v. witch v. nomas
  • International tensions
  • border disputes
  • trade wars
  • cultural differences
  • Religious conflicts


Magic is a natural form of energy on Valayo that can be manipulated by those with the talent to access it. It is found internally in some people, but is also present in nature. While magic may be a common energy on Valayo, the ability to harness it is fairly rare.  
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 29, 2020

Magic is a natural form of energy on Valayo


Mages & Witches

Mages were considered to posess more raw power than witches, able to perform magic simply by willing things to happen rather than having to rely on spells, rituals, or items. Mages often had one type of magic they used, while witches have more flexibility in the types of magic they can learn and use.  
For more on the differences between mages and witches:

Magic Tiers
Generic article | Dec 20, 2020

The amount of magic a person can wield greatly impacts their socioeconomic status


Education & Expression

The type of magic people learn is determined by personal affinity and cultural setting  
Magic throughout the lands
Generic article | Dec 19, 2020

The definition and use of magic varies throughout the land and is greatly influenced by culture


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