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Magimandus Scales

Collecting magimandus scales is dangerous business. If the Eldahi don't catch you first, one of the beasts just might.
— Citizen of Salaris
  A magimandus is a vicious, medium-sized creature with the body shape and build of a wolf, but with sharp, armor-like scales all along its body. It can sense and track even trace amounts of magic.  
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Most magimandi roam within Eldahi borders, which are tightly guarded. The Eldahi revere and protect the creatures, and gather naturally-shed scales, which are sold at premium. Gathering the discarded scales can be dangerous work, as the magimandi are terratorial, but typically it is non-Eldahi foragers who are less skilled in woodcraft who run afoul of the creatures.   The Eldahi assert that naturally shed scales have more potent magical properties and are more durable, and therefore, these humanely gathered scales are more highly valued for use and trade. As such, this is a major export for Eldahi.

Use and Trade

Magimandi scales are valued throughout Imbria and beyond, primarily for their use in various potions and spells. The scales are ground into a very fine powder and added into potions, salves, and more. Uses of this nature include:
  • Magical resistance
  • Phycical protection
  • Absorption of spells & energy
  • Hardening
Research is ongoing to develop more potions and uses for magimandus scale powder.   The scales are also used whole in some material goods such as jewelry and are thought to ward off negative energies. An amulet or other piece of jewelry featuring magimandus scale is considered an excellent gift for birthdays, the Magic Lights Festival, or other special occasions.  
Wealthy collectors of the scales are also known to make flexible armor pieces for display. Many of these decor pieces are even gilded. This is an ultimate status symbol amongst wealthy witches. No one is known to actually wear these pieces in actual battle.


Material Characteristics

The scales are very hard and durable and can be rather sharp at the end. They are able to withstand great impact and force and do not scratch easily.   Color: The scales are varying shades of gray, tan, or brown, and at first glance appear dull and unremarkable. When ground into a fine powder, that powder is typically more cream to tan in color.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Additionally, the scales sometime retain traces of magic the creature has encountered prior to death or shedding of the scales.   This has led to some unfortunate incidents wherein academics have tried to conduct field research on wild magimandus, to the great offense of the Eldahi, and to the demise of the researches, causing international incidents between the nations of Eldahi and Salaris.

Geology & Geography

Magimandi and their scales are found in the Great Woods, of Wennovi, and specifically, Eldahi, which owns much of the Great Woods.   The creatures and their naturally shedded scales can be found all throughout the forest, but are more often found in their dens and at water sources like rivers and streams, as the magimandi seem to prefer damp environments.
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The demand for magimandus scales is high. The cost and limited supply of ethically-sourced scales, along with the desire for more than just scales, has led to poaching. The illegal trade ranges from whole, live or dead, magimandi, to teeth, claws, blood, and various other parts of the animal.   Magimandi who venture into the section of Great Woods extending beyond the Eldahi borders into Rhovan are often hunted or captured. And while hunting and/or capturing magimandi is technically illegal in Salaris, it is not well enforced all along the border, and therefore those animals that venture beyond the border of Eldahi are at great risk.   Occasionally, poachers venture into Eldahi land. The penalty for this is high. Anyone caught poaching on Eldahi land is executed. Nevertheless, the demand is so high that poaching is on the rise.   Scales are plucked from hunted animals, sometimes inhumanely from live animals. Scales and other ingredients are gathered and sold in various markets throughout Imbria. Live animals are also sold to various agencies or universities in Salaris, Necros, and Rhovan for research purposes.
Fairly common
Shades of gray, tan, and brown
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