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The beautiful black crystal was shot through with veins of dark green that shimmered in the light. Its size, lustrous sheen, and lack of visible imperfections marked it as a superior energy stone capable of storing the life and magical energies of a powerful sorcerer.
— From Sorcerous Flames: Mage Rising
Sometimes referred to as death stones or energy stones, lifestones are unique to Necros and have inspired the country's signature colors. They are used to store life and magic energy, which can be drawn upon by necromancers or witches.   These stones are filled through a necromantic spell called the Lifestone Ritual wherein the energy from an animal or human sacrifice is stored within the appropriate sized lifestone.  For magical and non-magical humans, the Ritual is only legally conducted as a means of execution or assisted suicide.  


The size and amount of a lifestone can contain greatly determines its value and utility. Lifestone classifications are as follows:
Classification Price Capacity (Stores up to:)
Greatest - a mage, an extremely powerful witch, or an elder vampire
Great - a powerful witch or a vampire
Human or the most powerful of monsters/beasts
Large, powerful animals and most monsters
All common animals
Smaller, weaker animals

Use of Greater Lifestones

Ultimate, superior, and Major lifestones are rare and require human sacrifice, something that is honored in Necros. As such, each of these greater stones is engraved with identification, and diligent records regarding them are maintained by both the church and state.   Information regarding the Lifestone Ritual is maintained by the priests in the Temple of Na'arin, including date, name of the sacrificed, who performed the Ritual, the accompanying priest, and observations.   Information regarding the sale and use of the lifestones is maintained by the Office of Necromancy and/or the authorized dealers of superior and major lifestones. This includes date sale, purchaser, changes of ownership, use date, and return date.


Material Characteristics

A polished lifestone has a smooth, glassy surface with at least one vein of green shot through.  When empty, it has the same properties as any other rock.

Physical & Chemical Properties

An empty stone is cold, but when filled with energy, it becomes warm and can sometimes glow.  
She reached out to feel it. It was warm with life energy and the green veins of the stone pulsed against the black crystal.
— From Sorcerous Flames: Mage Rising

Geology & Geography

Only known deposits are found in the Furhán Mountains in the northern region of Necros.

History & Usage

Everyday use

A repository for energy that can be drawn upon by magic users.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Lifestones are highly valued by the Necrosi.  The use of them is rooted in their religion, in the idea that death need not mark the end of utility and that one's magic, life energy, and death energy need not be wasted but can rather serve the community.

Reusability & Recycling

Empty lifestones can be refilled by those who know how to, provided they have not broken.  Ultimate, superior, and major lifestones must be returned to the Office of Necromancy or authorized retailers.  All other empty lifestones may be sold or traded as desired.


Trade & Market

The Treasury Office manages foreign sales of common, minor, and base lifestones to foreign markets.  The Office of Necromancy handles sale of major and superior lifestones. Proceeds are split between the Treasury, the Office of Necromancy, and the Temple of Na'arin.

Law & Regulation

Within Necros, the sale and use of ultimate and superior lifestones are closely monitored.   Ultimate lifestones cannot be sold. They are reserved for royal and military use. Distribution is determined by the arch-necromancer, to whose office empty stones must be returned. Theft of an ultimate lifestone is a serious offense and a matter of national security.   Superior and Major lifestones can only be purchased directly from the Office of Necromancy in the castle, or from select authorized dealers. Resale is permitted with exchange of a deed and fees paid to the Office of Necromancy. Date of use is required information for buy-back of empty superior and major lifestones.   Superior lifestones may be sold outside of the country but are typically only sold to foreign dignitaries. Their exorbitant prices and fees keep the number of superior lifestones outside of Necros low but does increase their desirability.   All other lifestones may be purchased and used freely, full or empty, and are regulated by economic factors.  

Other Countries:

With the expansion of Torvaism and Salarian influences, and as a way to denounce necromancy, many other countries are now banning the sale and possession of all lifestones, including base lifestones. Rumors are spreading that even the weakest stone requires human sacrifice.
Higher capacity stones are very rare, with the ultimate lifestones being exceedingly rare. The lower capacity stones are more common, but still only found in Necros.
Black with green veining

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