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Salaris is the largest, most powerful nation in Imbria, being at the center of trade and maintaining what is considered to be the largest standing military force.


Home of the acclaimed Arcanis Academy   Salaris maintains both a standing army and navy. The Salarian army is thought to be the largest in Imbria.   The Salarian government and its military branches work closely with Arcanis Academy, whose cadets and Elite forces are hired for special operations, training programs, and other colaborative missions. The superintendent of the Academy, in many cases, works closely with various government agencies, including the military.
  Many cadets are also funneled into military Wizard Officer (WO) training programs and upon completion, oversee specialized military units. The Academy funnels many cadets into the Salarian military.


Torva's light will cleanse the malice of your hearts and heal your sorrows. Each and every one of you is called to embody the love of Torva.
Ariadne, High Priestess
  Official Religion: Worship of Torva, Divine Goddess of Light and Healing   The Torvae beliefs and the High Priestess of Torva both greatly influence both governing laws and public attitudes in Salaris.   Forbidden: Worship of Na'arin, Necromancer God   Other deities and religions may be tolerated but are not encouraged.

Foreign Relations

SETA - Salaris-Everath-Torverath Alliance

Salaris and the city-state Torverath are strong allies, and in many ways, govern conjointly. They have in more recent years expanded their alliance to include Everath, a nation on the Eastern continent, and since then have made efforts to control trade between the eastern continent and Imbria.  

Brink of war

What has always been a strenuous relationship between Salaris and Necros has in recent years grown even more fraught. The two countries stand on the verge of war over ideological differences and trade blockades.   In a show of solidarity with Torverath, Salaris has strengthened its denouncement of necromancy. Recently, they have also ceased most trade with Necros and begun blocking essential trade negotiations and routes between Necros and other nations. In response, Necros has made moves to strengthen its military and has taken steps to strengthen its alliance, the Magic Freedom Coalition.   The MFC directly opposes the actions of SETA and its members, and tension between the two are close to reaching a boiling point.
A world of Magic

Agriculture & Industry

Salaris is a massive country consisting of many different biomes, from grassy plains to tropical jungles with plenty of shoreline. As such, the Salarian economy primarily thrives off of the production and export of various foods, lumber, cotton, and other plant-based products and materials as well as horses and livestock.  

Temperate Forests

These deciduous and coniferous forests primarily support Salarian lumber mills, providing the country with both softwoods and hardwoods. They also supply deer and other game, mushrooms, and other foodstuff.


The ample coastline not only supports fishing and whaling activities, but also allows Salaris to control much of the trade routes between Imbria and the eastern continent.

Grassy Plains

The grassy, hilly plains an abundance of crops, primarily grains and corn. They also support the raising of cattle and livestock and training of horses.  
Settlement | Jul 27, 2020

A small farming community in Salaris that was destroyed during the 340s Drought

Tropical Climes

The tropical and subtropical climates of Salaris support the growth of many varied crops, including the prized Imbrianus cacao and many different fruits.  
Settlement | Aug 26, 2020

Epicenter of all cacao bean trade in Imbria

Honor and Duty

Salaris, the largest and most powerful nation in Imbria.
Founding Date
394 DE
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Major Exports
  • Cacao
  • Other tropical fruits
  • Grains
  • Lumber - softwoods and hardwoods
Major Imports
  • Stones, minerals, and ores
  • Gemstones
Neighboring Nations

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