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Paltetia, the western continent of Wennovi, is a very isolated nation full of fiercely independent people. Paltetia restricts all travel to and from the country and promotes nationalist policies and ideals.   Paltetia is a massive country, divided into 4 provinces unified under a federal authority.  

Technologically Advanced

It's like our government is always prepared for an attack. I suppose it's worked out for us though. A millennium of peace is no small feat.
— Paltetian scholar and historian
  Despite nearly 1000 years of peacetime, technology and innovation have flourished. Paltetia's government has invested heavily in math and science fields, always pushing for greater defense systems and offensive capabilities.  

An Isolated Nation

What I wouldn't give to be able to collaborate with other countries. Imagine the technological advanced we'd acheive then!
— Paltetian engineering researcher
  Within the country, Paltetians enjoy a great many freedoms. However, all trade, communications, and other interactions with other countries are greatly restricted and strictly monitored by government officials, Independence Officers.   Historically, Paltetian citizens have proudly and fiercely supported this isolationist ideology. In-country propaganda has largely worked to instill these ideas into people's sense of identity, and they gladly shun contact with the outside world.  

Restricted Trade

Paltetia does conduct some trade with the Western Continent and accepts textiles from Mantalos. All imports are known to be thoroughly inspected by the Port Authority, operated by the military.  

Restricted History

This isolationism extends even to history. Despite some parts of the country possessing ruins thousands of years old, very little information exists on the people who came before.  
It's weird, really. Parts of Theden are old, really old. The ruins on the south side of the city point to a rich and vibrant history going back thousands of years.   And yet, I can find very little information from the previous era. Just 1,000 years back, and you'll find no written records, no census information, few artifacts. We don't know who governed here and can only guess at their lives. 1,000 years is not so long ago to expect no written histories...
— Scholar and historian of Theden


Of course, there is always oppostion to any idea, any cultural mindset. And with advancement of technology making the sharing of ideas easier and easier, a growing subculture in Paltetia push for expanding globalization and freedoms; they promote unrestricted travel, goods, and communications with other nations.
I used to believe the same thing, before I knew what was really out there. The safety of Paltetia must come first.
— Paltetian military officer

A Millenium of Peace

Paltetia's government touts 1000 years of peacetime and points to this accomplishment as justifications for all its policies. And while Paltetia has not seen a full-scale war with another country in all this time, "A millenium of peace" is not entirely accurate.   For some researchers, manufacturers, and military groups, it would seem the country is forever in an arms race. The only question is: with whom?   However, Paltetia is not without its share of problems, threats, and violent history:
  • External issues:
  • Cold wars
  • Trade wars
  • Internal issues:
  • Riots, protests, and civil disobedience
  • Conspiracy and fringe groups in the country that threaten national security
  • A growing globalization movement that pushes against the country's draconian restrictions on travel, goods, and global communications
  • Some groups threatening revolution and/or civil war

  • Religion

    Paltetia is a largely atheist society. Their histories, stories, and legislation largely do not depict or refer to any diety or supernatural entities. Temples and other places of worship do not exist.   Religion is not outlawed, per se, but rather, its as though the entire nation collectively abandoned the notion at the founding of the country nearly 1000 years ago.

    United in Independence

    Founding Date
    -1 WE (end of the Paltetia Revolution )
    Geopolitical, Country
    Predecessor Organization
    Major Exports
  • Segna Wine
  • Certain medicines
  • Natural resources
  • Major Imports
  • Textiles
  • Rare metals
  • Minerals, such as silicon
  • Location
    Included Locations
    Wennovi by hcraven using Azgaar's
    The government is hiding something. I know it! Aliens, or supernaturals, or something.
    — Conspiracy theorist
    Paltetian Hunter
    Profession | Dec 30, 2019

    An elite group tasked with protecting Paltetia from dangers in the Great Woods


    The Great Woods

    This forest spans nearly the entire eastern border of Paltetia. It is a dense, old-growth forest the Paltetian government has deemed unsafe for civilians. As such, Paltetian Hunters patrol the Great Woods, protecting the nation from dangers within, and punishing any tresspassers they find.  
    The Great Woods is an impassible forest full of strange and dangerous creatures. No one could live there. It's illegal even to go in there, unless you're one of them Hunters, don't you know?
    — Paltetian citizen


    This medium-large sized city is one of Paltetia's major centers of technology, innovation, and education.  
    Settlement | Dec 10, 2021

    The westernmost city of Paltetia, containing everything from ancient ruins to skyscrapers


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