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Paltetian Hunter

Paltetian Hunters are a small group of individuals that are tasked with protecting Paltetia from the threats contained within the Great Woods. Their headquarters and primary training grounds are located just outside of Theden, and the city has the greatest concentration of hunters.   To the citizens of Paltetia, little is known about the group. They are very quiet and reserved, and generally prefer to keep company with other hunters. Citizens are kept unaware of their true purpose.



Applicants must have hunting experience, including:
  • Tracking
  • Trapping
  • Marksmanship
  • Stealth
Additionally, applicants must satisfactorily complete survival training and demonstrate the ability to maintain a clearance and protect classified information.

Payment & Reimbursement

Paltetian hunters are paid by the military and are treated as a special military branch, even though the general populace is kept unaware of this, a feat made possible through their lack of uniform. Pay depends on experience and promotions within the organization.

Other Benefits

Hunters receive the same benefits as other military members.



Protect citizens of Paltetia
  • Keep citizens from trespassing in the Great Woods
  • Regulate wolf, puma, and other predator populations
  • Rumored to hunt creatures most people don't actually believe exist
Hunt - they do actually hunt within the Great Woods, often bringing venison, rabbit, and foxes to butcher shops and tanneries.   Hunters are also permitted to intervene in cases of civilian violence.   Classified Responsibilities
  • Prevent magic users from crossing into Paltetia and intercept them if they do
  • Keep Paltetian citizens unaware of the existence of magic

Social Status

Hunters are well respected among the poor and middle class, but few of the upper middle or upper classes seek to become hunters.


Paltetian Hunters have had a steady presence in Theden and along the eastern border of Paltetia since the nation's founding.   Classified History
The Paltetian Hunter program was initiated almost immediately after the Paltetian Revolution, a war in which non-magical people rose up against those with magic as a revolt against cruel treatment.  The war ended with the secession of the western half of Wennovi, which created Paltetia, a magic-free, independent nation.  As part of the treaty ending the war, the emperor's mages worked together to create a massive border, the Great Divide, magically dividing Wennovi into two subcontinents, Paltetia and Imbria.   Ever since then, the hunters have patrolled the Great Woods to ensure that no magic-user invades Paltetia.  The exact history of the founding of Paltetia and its hunters are highly classified, as all knowledge of magic, including its very existence, is kept unknown to the populace.



Classified Tool Set
Magic sensor: bioelectric field sensor that detects above-normal levels of biopotentials
Electric rifle: shoots leads that pump electricity into the target in order to stun   Many Hunters also work with a creature specifically bred for the group's unique job:
Magimandus - Magic Eater
Species | Jul 13, 2020

A creature that both hunts and consumes magic.


Hunters are trained in special facilities in Theden and patrol the Paltetian side of the Great Woods. They spend the majority of their time working outside alone or in small groups.

Provided Services

Citizens of Theden and others bordering the Great Woods can request these Hunter services when necessary:
  • Kill encroaching dangerous wildlife
  • Search for missing persons
  • Provide meat and furs to butchers and tanners

Dangers & Hazards

Injury or death related to hunting dangerous creatures
Alternative Names
Related Locations

The Lucky Duck Inn & Tavern

A rowdy tavern and frequent haunt of Hunters stationed in Theden

The Great Woods

The Great Woods is a stretch of forested land spanning nearly the entire length of the eastern side of Paltetia and roughly divides the continent of Wennovi. The Great Woods are thought to be impassible and the lands beyond to be uninhabitable.  
Most people in Theden were afraid of the Great Woods. Whispers of ferocious beasts and supernatural beings circulated frequently, despite the best effort of city officials, who discouraged the rumors.
— from Sorcerous Flames: Mage Rising

Lyle Deckard
First Chief Hunter of Theden

A prominent figure in the Paltetian Revolution in which the people overthrew a corrupt regime, Lyle was instrumental in developing the Hunter program and establishing Theden as the primary training facility and base of operations. Lyle held the position for over 20 years and is credited with helping the population of Theden and the surrounding areas flourish through the group's contribution of food and animal materials.

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