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Hunter Lingo

A low buzzing caught Lia’s attention, and she looked back from her seat at the Lazy Duck’s bar to see Garrett, the Chief Hunter, glance down at a small device.

"Report of a rabid wolf. All hands." Garrett’s low voice still carried in the near-empty tavern. He looked at the other five Hunters at his table before slapping down some money and exiting. The others followed without protest.

"Why would six hunters be needed for a single wolf?" Lia asked. "Saul, you don't think--"

"No, I don't, and neither do you," the surly barkeeper said as he refilled her wine.

  The Paltetian Hunters are an elite, secretive group that protect citizens from dangers lurking in the Great Woods. Most citizens believe these dangers to be little more than wolves or coyotes. The Hunters also work to keep citizens away from the forest, and are authorized to arrest any who trespass.   The true function of the Hunters however, is to detect and apprehend beings of magic, The very knowledge of which is forbidden in Paltetia. As such, when the hunters need to communicate in public, they often rely on coded messages.  

Hunter Lingo

Report of a rabid wolf = a magic user has been spotted
This is an urgent call for the hunter to fully gear up and join the other hunter(s) in neutralizing the problem.   *Hunters do occasionally deal with aggressive wildlife. In the case of an actual problematic wolf, the word rabid would not be used, and more detail would often be given.  
I noticed a fox = magic detected

The Hunter is needed to track down the source and is authorized to use a pack of magimandi. This is a call for investigation.  
Birds - if a hunter mentions a bird, they're most likely talking about citizens
Bird out of its nest = citizen trespasser
  Lost rabbit or baby bird = lost child thought to have wandered into the woods   Poison oak - unusual and/or possibly magic-imbued item  

Additional phrases

In addition, many Hunters feel a more general responsibility to protect citizens. As such, Hunters will also intervene in mundane matters such as breaking up fights or assisting in arrests when requested.   I'll be seeing you - often interpreted as a vague threat, this instead means the hunter intends to report you to the authorities, and testify against you if need be.  

Body Language

Paltetian Hunters are often quiet, reserved individuals, as their profession requires stealth. As such, body gestures and eye movements are also significant amongst Hunters.   A quick dart of the eyes toward an unruly tavern patron might be a command for another Hunter to observe and follow the rowdy man home to prevent violence.

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Paltetian Hunter
Profession | Dec 30, 2019

An elite group tasked with protecting Paltetia from dangers in the Great Woods

To the citizens of Paltetia, little is known about the group. They are very quiet and reserved, and generally prefer to keep company with other Hunters. Citizens are kept unaware of their true purpose.

Geography Summary

Wennovi by hcraven using Azgaar's
Paltetia is the western subcontinent of Wennovi. It is a land where magic is unknown to the populace and forbidden by the government, unlike Imbria where magic is widely practiced and influences all aspects of life and governance.   The Great Divide, a magic barrier, divides the two.  

The Great Woods

The Great Woods is a stretch of forested land spanning nearly the entire length of the eastern side of Paltetia and roughly divides the continent of Wennovi. The Great Woods are thought to be impassible and the lands beyond to be uninhabitable.
Most people in Theden were afraid of the Great Woods. Whispers of ferocious beasts and supernatural beings circulated frequently, despite the best effort of city officials, who discouraged the rumors.
— from Sorcerous Flames: Mage Rising


Author's Notes

This article was created for Summer Camp 2020. To view my other Summer Camp 2020 entries, click here.   Thank you for reading!

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Jul 14, 2020 00:52

Right now, the line about coded grunts seems a bit throwaway. It's mentioned, but not expanded upon in its own article. There are also some strange uses of language like "Most citizens believe this to be dangerous such as wolves or coyotes." This seems like it should be "believe this to be as dangerous as" if I understand the intent here correctly.   I like the way the article is laid out, with the small icons/pictures for the lingo. Could pictogrpahy also be used as part of the lingo?

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Thank you for your feedback. That sentence was odd, and probably the result of typing while distracted :) I removed the grunting for now, and will consider the idea of the icons. Thanks!

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Secret magic hunter force, nice! I like how they pretend to be regular hunters, and how the lingo plays into that. The prose at the beginning is a nice touch. I'm a bit confused about the part on body language- is it something that everyone understands, or it is also part of their secret language? If its the latter, is there any specific reason they need a secret way of expressing appreciation of food or drinks? Maybe the section could be expanded a little more, like the Hunter Lingo part, with specific body gestures meaning specific things (maybe used while tracking magic users, to be more discreet). A nice read, I enjoy the idea!

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I think you should explain in more detail why they are using code for their targets. Is it because people in the country don't know about magic or some other reasons? The article is very interesting.

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Correct. It is both illegal and the general population are kept unaware of it. Thank you for your feedback.

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Are those hunters tasked for border security ? wondering as if the magic must remain unknown to the public, wouldn't the magic barrier be guarded by those to avoid citizens to notice weird invisible walls ? Is the border fully covered by said forest they check?   As for the rest, i appreciate the reading and mix of images and symbols/secret language used. Very simple to read and makes it eager to know more . solid article.   Happy summercamp !

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Ooh, I suppose I do need to describe that a bit better. The barrier is impassible, and set well into the woods, but the hunters (who do kind of work as border security in a way) and government want to keep people unaware of its actual existence (and of magic) and so they keep people out of the woods in order to keep them well away from that barrier. I'll have to see if I can rework the sidebar a bit to make that more clear.   Thank you for your feedback, and happy summer camp to you too!

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