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Great Divide

Stinging waves of energy crashed over them like biting ants as they approached a scorched line running across the ground. That and a bit of a glimmer in the air as of light glancing off a glass window were the only visual markers of the magical barrier separating Paltetia from Eldahi and the rest of Imbria.
-Excerpt from Mage Rising
The Great Divide is a magical barrier that separates Wennovi into two subcontinents. The western half of Wennovi is called Paltetia, a land where all magic is forbidden and unknown to the populace. The eastern half of Wennovi is the subcontinent Imbria, which consists of several countries.   Situated within the Nolari Forest, the nation of Eldahi controls and protects the entirety of the divide, as well as essential shorelines to the south. The Eldahi people understand it is their ancestors-assigned duty to prohibit anyone from attempting to access or tamper with the barrier.   The Great Divide was an incredible feat of magic. This barrier extends from the northern shore all the way to the southern, over 1000 miles, and is considered impassible. It has remained active since the end of the Paltetia Revolution over 1000 years ago.
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Crossing the Divide

Occasionally, rumors arise that some people have in fact crossed the Great Divide, but no one believes this gossip. In fact, the majority of the populace throughout Imbria believe Paltetia to be a deserted wasteland. Likewise, citizens of Paltetia believe Imbria to be an uninhabited jungle.  


The Great Woods is an impassible forest full of strange and dangerous creatures. No one could live there. It's illegal even to go in there, unless you're one of them Hunters, don't you know?
— Paltetian citizen


Yeah, a group of nomas escaped into the west after the Paltetian Revolution. There's no way they could've survived though. Everyone knows the west is a barren wasteland.
— Imbrian citizen


The Paltetia Revolution was a massive war in which non-magical people rose up against those with magic as a revolt against cruel treatment. Many witches and mages were slain at the start of the revolution, and after innumerable bloody battles, the emperor agreed to secession of the western half of Wennovi, allowing those lands to be to be claimed as a magic-free zone. Those non-magical people who wished to escape from the rule of mages and witches then traveled westward.   As part of the treaty ending the war, the emperor's mages worked together to create a massive border, magically dividing Wennovi into two subcontinents: Paltetia and Imbria.   The mages who created the barrier primarily worked in secret and destroyed all evidence of how they created it. No living person knows how the barrier spell was created or how to disable it.
Alternative Names
The Great Barrier
World wonder
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The Great Divide primarily runs through the Great Woods, forming the eastern border of Paltetia and the western border of the Eldahi lands and Imbria
Geographic Location | Jul 2, 2022

A magically divided continent wherein one half knows magic and the other does not

Geographic Location | Dec 10, 2020

Eastern subcontinent of Wennovi and home to Salaris, Necros, Torverath, and other countries

Artistic depiction of the moments after the Great Divide was created.


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