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Nolani Bay

Where the Great Woods meets the sea

I hear it's a paradise, the most beautiful you could imagine But neither you nor I will ever likely see it.
— Citizen of Salaris
  Nolani Bay is a small strip of beach that separates the Great Woods from the ocean. From here, one can observe many sea creatures swimming offshore, sea birds, and even animals of the forest who venture down to the beach. It is a treasure for the people of Eldahi, one they protect dearly.  
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Designated as a national park, it is protected from all commercial activity, including outside tourism. To protect its pristine beauty and the many creatures that visit there, non-Eldahi people are only allowed with permission and an escort. It is heavily guarded and trespassers face high penalities.  
Other peoples of this world don't have the same respect for nature as the Eldahi. They don't know her secrets and protect her the way we do. They would exploit this land and destroy its beauty. We will not allow that.
— Citizen of Eldahi


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Nolani Bay is a small bay in the Southern Gulf of Wennovi. A strip of sand is all that separates the Great Woods from the ocean.   The Harton River flows through the center of the bay, and is vital to trade and transportation of goods to Eldavi, the capital of Eldahi, to smaller Eldahi settlements, and beyond into Salaris and even Torverath.   Nevertheless, fishing boats and ships, including trading vessels, are not allowed to near the shore of this protected zone. They must visit one of two ports on either side of the bay and transport the goods to the river at a point further inland.

Fauna & Flora

Nolani Bay teems with wildlife. Here you can find all of the sealife you would expect to find, including:
  • Nesting green sea turtles
  • Spawning horseshoe crabs
  • Blue crabs and other species of crab
  • Sea birds including: gulls, pelicans, cormorants
  • Sea stars, urchins, and conches
  • Fishes and sharks
  • Jelly fish and shrimp

It is not uncommon to spot birds more at home in the forest, such as the eagle or hawk, gliding over the beach or circling above the treeline.   Other forest creatures are also known to venture onto the sand. Even the magimandus can occasionally be seen at nights sniffing at crabs, digging in the sand, and bounding through the shallows.
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Fun Fact:

The horseshoe crab is not a crab! They're actually more closely related to spiders.

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