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Alpine Cat

Snow Devil

It's not just frostbite you have to worry about. The snow devil is real. Not even a vampire stands a chance against that beast.
— Rhovani bartender
  The arctic cat is an elusive mountain cat that is well adapted to cold weather and high altitude. The ultimate predator, this cat is built for hunting and survival. It is a master of stealth and camouflage, blending in so well with its environment that few have spotted the great cats.

Basic Information


Large, wide paws allow the alpine cat to easily navigate the snow and silently stalk prey. Additionally, this allows the cat surer footing when leaping from great heights.   Coat
Its white and grey coat allow it to blend into the environment, something the cat uses to its advantage to ambush prey. This soft, dense coat keeps it warm in its freezing environs.   Tail
The long, bushy taily of the alpine cat is thought to assist with balance, particularly along rocky, precarious cliff sides.

Ecology and Habitats

The alpine cat lives in the Northern Mountains of Necros. and Rhovan. They are thought to roam the entire range, though some scholars argue whether even the Snow Devil could survive the frigid temps of the northernmost portion of the mountain range.   Alpine cats are primarily solitary with each cat claiming large territories, which they defend fiercely. A male or female alpine cat will attack any predator in its territory that the cat deems to be a threat, whether that's another cat, human, or even vampire.   The large cats prefer to rest on cliffs and rocky overhangs and spend the majority of their time at the higher altitude, particularly in the spring and summer. New mothers also create their dens in rocky crevices well above the tree line.   They do venture below the tree line to hunt and are seen in the forests more often during winter.
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You plan to study the snow devils? Make sure you have your affairs in order.
— Rhovani bartender

Dietary Needs and Habits

Alpine cats are primarily carnivorous and are the apex predator of the Northern Mountains. With devastating claws, muscular physique, and strategic, precise attacks, this cat can take down prey much larger than itself. This stealthy predator often chooses to ambush larger prey.   While alpine cats typically hunt alone, during mating season, a mated pair will sometimes hunt cooperatively.   They eat mountain goat, deer, and even elk. They also eat smaller prey like fox, hares, and even birds. They have also been known to prey on livestock, particularly in the winter months. A desperate cat might even eat carrion.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Alpine cat pelts are prized in Necros and Rhovan for their warmth, softness, and color. Teeth and claws are often sold for a variety of uses including jewelry, potion-making, and general collecting. These items fetch high prices.   However, few hunting groups exist and hunting expeditions are rarely successful. Half never return. Those that do return often claim to have never found the great cat, which is no surprise given how well-camouflaged and stealthy the beasts are and how far they roam.   Most pelts and other alpine cat parts are recovered from animals found deceased from age, natural causes, or clashes with other alpine cats.
Snow leopard
by Nick_H
Alternate Names
Mountain guardian
Snow devil
14 - 20 years
Conservation Status
Near Threatened (NT)
Average Weight
Females: 200 lbs
Males: 300 lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Coat: white, cream, or pale gray
Markings: gray or black spots
Belly: white
Eye color: pale green or pale gray   This coat pattern acts as camouflage in the alpine cat's native environment.

Geographic Distribution
Social Structure
Solitary with large territories


While alpine cats have been spotted in the Furhan Mountains of Necros, they generally do not bother the miners nor approach the mines.
Nevertheless, miners are encouraged to remain in groups and never stray too far from the mines.

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Also known as death stones, these store magical energy

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An aggregate mineral used for storing blood energy


Famous Alpine Cat

Character | Jun 3, 2022

Lily the Snow Demon was famous for her particularly bloody revenge streak

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Author's Notes

This article was created for Summer Camp 2020. To view my other Summer Camp 2020 entries, click here. Thank you for reading!   About the Animal
This cat is basically a snow leopard, but larger and more aggressive, closer in size and temperment to a tiger. It is still a WIP and may eventually be renamed.

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