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Rhovan is an isolated country in northern Imbria. A land of rugged, mountainous terrain and freezing temperatures, its people are hardy, stubborn, and resourceful. The nation sees few visitors, and the Rhovani people seldom travel outside their own borders unless for business. Because of this, the nation and its people appear mysterious to other Imbrians.  


Rhovan is known to be the most permissive country in Imbria in terms of magic use. Rhovan has no formal laws outlawing any particular magic type, and their leadership resists all efforts to regulate spells, items, or materials.   While all types of magic are practiced in Rhovan, blood magic seems to be the most common, as well as the most controversial. And while much of the world believes the country to be teeming with blood witches, the ability to adequately perform blood magic remains rare, even in Rhovan.   Because of this, and the isolated nature of the country, rumors abound regarding the nation's appetite for blood magic, including wild theories regarding vampirism.

Blood Magic

Rhovan is the only place in Imbria where blood magic is openly practiced and embraced. It has many uses, including protection and fortification spells, scrying, and more. The annual Blood Fest is a celebration of this.  
Blood Fest
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 16, 2021

Rhovani celebration of the macabre

"I wonder why King Erik of Rhovan never attends these summits."
"He's probably too busy drinking the blood of innocent young women."
"For the last time, vampires are not real."
— Overheard at a trade summit in Salaris


Rhovan's military is feared throughout Imbria. Despite being small, their army force is fierce and effective as well as highly secretive. They are thought to train in underground caverns, and many rumor it is blood magic that makes Rhovan's military so deadly.

Foreign Relations

A member of the Magic Freedom Coalition, Rhovan is allied with its neighbor Necros and the island-nation Mantalos. The MFC stands united against the demands of Salaris and Torverath.  
Rhovan is also a member of the Magic Alliance Trade Agreement, which includes all members of the MFC plus Eldahi. MATA exists to combat Salarian trade restrictions.   Rhovan and Necros have long been allies, born of both nations' tolerance for magics shunned by Salaris and Torverath.   For more on the MFC and MATA:
Magic Freedom Coalition
Organization | Jul 10, 2022

An alliance between nations that claim to support non-restricted use of magic

A world of Magic

Agriculture & Industry

Though a fairly self-sufficient nation, Rhovan's economy relies heavily on mining operations and trade. They mine everything from marble and stone to precious gems, precious metals, and bloodstones

Strength in Freedom

Founding Date
394 DE
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Major Exports
  • Minerals and ores
  • Stones
  • Gems and precious metals
  • Bloodstones
Major Imports
  • Grains, fruits, and other foods
  • Textiles
  • Hardwoods
Neighboring Nations

Northern Mountains

This fierce pradator roams the icy mountains
Alpine Cat
Species | Dec 1, 2021

A large, fearsome feline predator of the northern mountain ranges

  Bloodstones are mined and charged in both Rhovan and Necros
Material | Aug 13, 2020

An aggregate mineral used for storing blood energy

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