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Written by George Sanders

Lavani with Flax Flowers by Hal Foster
When I entered this world, I did not understand pockets. Where I was from nature provided most of what I needed. The magic of the place let me shape and create anything else I could imagine.

In my home now, Monsilt, everyone carries tools and supplies with them. From work, to work. To the market, to home. While out on errands or even just for a walk. But I noticed they also carry personal items - often in their pockets. Before you go, I can't help myself. Could I ask - what is in your pockets?

~ Lavani


Welcome to the Anhult Wildlands. I love everyday items, the things that fill the background of the scene and can show intimate details of the story or world. I'm the sponsor for Summer Camp's Sixteenth Prompt. I hope your writing and worldbuilding journey has been going well. I look forward to reading your story about:




Come on in. I have a table set up for you to complete your work. I'm an Innkeeper, so hospitality is part of the process, or was that a fey thing... Anyway, do you need a drink? Fresh ground coffee, or I could get you an excellent raspberry tea. Don't mind the others; sure, there is only one grand prize, but truly all are collaborators on the same journey. Please read and like their work. Plus, I want to see the unique perspective you bring to your art and creativity.


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Books by Gege

This year Gege and I will be reading everyone's submissions and then narrow down to a short list of 30 articles. Everyone on the short list will get a consolation prize from Gege - a 800x800 png image of your item!


Lavani and I will promote those on the shortlist during August Reading Month, through Lavani's Reading List.


For the grand prize, total likes won't figure into my judging but I will keep an eye out for engagement. Let's use storytelling and creativity as a force for good and lift each other up. What I am looking for are stories and your creative process. You don't have to make your article a perfectly crafted short story. It could be a list or even a wall of text. It could also be a finely honed css-packed article. Show me what is in your characters pockets, what loot is in the chest, or what sits on the table of a commoners house...


The grand prize is a digital gift card for a writing or ttrpg training class with The Storytelling Collective. Their classes have been essential to my creative journey, and I hope they also benefit you.

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Prompt text from the World Anvil Blog by Roc Humet


Shields, talismans, biosuits, food (Spirited Away)

Notice how the prompt doesn’t say that the item must be specifically designed to keep you safe. While protective-by-design items are perfect for this prompt, you could take it in so many different directions! For example, in Spirited Away, Chihiro must eat some food from the spirit world to avoid disappearing. Food isn’t designed to keep you safe, but it definitely protected her in that instance. Remember too that an item can be used to protect you from well-known consequences of an action you want to take—like a biosuit! You can also try linking this prompt with the defensive technology in prompt 12. Maybe that technology is part of this item, or maybe this item is a sized-down version of that technology to be used by individuals.



My Shortlist of Favorite Entries (30 out of xxx)


Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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Jul 6, 2024 21:54 by Mochi

Thank you so much for making this! <3

I hope you have a great day!   Explore the endless planets brimming with life of the Yonderverse! Go after creatures, discover new places, and learn about the people you find along the way.   Check out my plans for Summer Camp!
Jul 6, 2024 23:03 by Gege Escriva

We are already excited to read your entry, Mochi❤

Explore the Kingdom of Moskova with me! Wonders and darkness await for you. Are you ready for the adventure?         Summer Camp has begun! I'm keeping my eyes on your Personal Item that keeps you Safe   Wanting more props to use in your games? Try with the Wildlands Trinkets!  "A Demon's howl: Folk Tales from Moskova's Lore" is out now!
Jul 7, 2024 19:52 by George Sanders

I needed some way to organize all the details for the prompt too. Thanks for submitting an item!

Write for the Summer Camp Prompt I sponsored "A personal item that keeps you safe".
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