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George Sanders

George Sanders | Member Since 5 Sep, 2020
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The One River

Experience the World

Separate Beginning

The spark of my world started on a wall with The Swan of Thessali

The spark of my world started on a wall during an epic battle with The Swan of Thessali.


But the forest had my heart and it was far to the North. My Shipwright Challenge entry offers a glimpse into the journey to the Anhult Wildlands. Dìondair Malairt


In that forest I found Lavani and began writing short stories. She started a trend with Fashion from a Fey during the Costume Challenge.


Now there are books being written about her. Walk with Lavani, see the lore and books come together behind the scenes by supporting me on Patreon.

  I'm an Innkeeper and professional Dungeon Master. I run virtual games once a month at Virtual Play D&D Weekends. I also run monthly virtual games for Patreon subscribers in the Anhult Wildlands setting. View my game schedule and learn how to play in my world at my Experience the World page.