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Magic Freedom Coalition

United to protect our magic, our heritage, our beliefs, and our freedom from those who would seek to control, vilify, and even destroy us.
— Excerpt from the Magic Freedom Coalition charter
  The Magic Freedom Coalition (MFC) consists of nations and groups who support the free and non-restrictive use of magic. In practice, not all its members uphold this ideal, particularly as Necros bans blood magic within its borders. However, each MFC member must not attempt to punish other member nations for their cultural norms surrounding magic use.  
The MFC stands directly opposed to the Salaris-Torverath Alliance (now SETA with the recent addition of auxiliary-member nation Everath). With the largest military force and positioned as the center of trade in Imbria, Salaris has been weilding its power to attempt to influence magic laws of surrounding nations.   SETA members are all nations where the primary religion is worship of Torva. This includes not only cultural spread, but also influence in the nations' governments. As such, the High Priestess of Torverath holds great influence over SETA members and has aggressively pushed for sanctions for nations that defy the Law of Torva.

MFC Members

Necros - Raven B.png

Founding member

Initiated an alliance with Rhovan after the Northern Wars to strengthen relations. Known for its reverance for necromancy.

Founding member

Most permissive nation in terms of magic use and is said to permit blood magic and even vampirism

Newest member
Auxiliary role

Joined after Salaris imposed trade regulations because Mantalos would not permit Torva missionaries on the island.
Necrosi's people dislike and distrust blood magic and Rhovanis, but Necros needs military support from Rhovan
Rhovan is far north and very isolated, and thereby relies heavily on trade with Necros and other members of MATA
Mantalos joined as a political statement against Salaris and would require military support in the event of war
Political Alliances of Imbria: Magic Freedom Coalition & SETA
MFC: Magic Freedom Coalition
SETA: Salaris-Everath-Torverath Alliance

Other MFC Supporters

The MFC has gained supporters from a wide variety of groups, including political factions, business associations, and other civilian groups. These supporters are all throughout Imbria, including within Salaris and Torverath, however, their voices cannot compete with the religious majority and populist opinions of those nations.   MFC supporters include:
  • Dabblers: counter-culture that practices a variety of magic, including necromancy and blood magic
  • Unity Group: unofficial political movement that believes Imbria should be united under one banner again, though MFC support within the Unity Group is split
  • Phoenix Group: secret group considered by many to be political extremists and conspiracy theorists. This group believes the Mage Rising theory that mages will walk Imbria once again.
    • Eradicated after the Great Uprising, mages weilded incredible power and were decried as demon-possessed, even by the Temple of Torva. For more about the differences between mages and witches, see Magic Tiers
    • For more about Phoenix Group, see Rose Petals
  • Some nomas activist groups: some nomas (definitely not all) believe they would have more rights and better treatment under MFC leadership


The Magic Freedom Coalition began as the Northern Alliance as a way to unite Necros and Rhovan after the Northern Wars ended in 844 DE. The relationship between the nations and the MFC has changed throughout the years, corresponding to major world events and growing tensions with SETA.  
Diplomatic Relationships between Nations and Primary Alliances through Time
These relations scores consider each nation's reliance on the alliance,
alignment of culture and values, alignment of laws, and a variety of other factors.
by hcraven
NA = Northern Alliance; STA = Salaris-Torverath Alliance
MFC = Magic Freedom Coalition; SETA = Salaris Everath Torverath Alliance
  Historically, Mantalos relied on Salaris for trade and protection for many years, despite cultural and religious differences.   However, in the first half of the 900s DE, Torva worship spread, both geographically and in political influence. It gained a foothold in the eastern continent as Everath became more pro-Torva and more friendly with the Salaris-Torverath Alliance (STA). And as Torvaism held greater influence in Salaris in the mid-900s, relations between Mantalos and Salaris cooled.  
New High Priestess
In 970 DE, Ariadne became the High Priestess of Torverath. Ariadne believed it was her calling to spread the word of Torva. She brought renewed energy to the Temple of Torva and her message strengthened the religious fervor throughout both Torverath and Salaris.  
She also began a very aggresive campaign against non-followers of Torva, a stance that, surprisingly, was embraced by the Salarian populace.   In 976 DE, Torverathi and Salarian leadership implemented stricter bans on certain Necrosi goods, such as lifestones and bloodstones, renewed their denouncement of blood magic and necromancy, and limited travel between Salaris and the northern nations.
Necromancy cannot be tolerated at any level. The Goddess forbids it. Neither can we permit blood magic, as it too corrupts the soul. We must be ever vigilant against these evils and root them out. Torva did not grant us knowledge of the divine so we may sit idly.
— Ariadne, High Priestess of Toverath
In response, the Northern Alliance officially changed their name to the
Magic Freedom Coalition.   As leadership in Salaris and Torverath became more aligned, relations between the MFC and STA would only continue to deteriorate.  
The Mantali Incident
"Missions" to spread the word of Torva throughout other lands increased, both in frequency and intensity. In 978 DE, Mantalos banned further Torvae missions, turning away religious missionaries at the port cities, citing poor public reception, preservation of Mantali culture, and Ariadne's oppressive leadership as their reasoning.   Later that year, a stubborn group of missionaries smuggled themselves onto the island nation. When confronted by Manatali authorities, a dispute errupted that ended with the death of the four missionaries. STA retaliated by placing heavy trade sanctions on Mantalos and banning select Mantali goods.  
The Magic Freedom Coalition siezed this opportunity to improve trade deals between themselves and Mantalos, and in doing so, formed the Magic Alliance Trade Agreement between Necros, Rhovan, Mantalos, and Eldahi.   Shortly after, Mantalos officially joined the MFC in 980 DE.  
Trade Skirmishes
Tensions between STA and MFC have continued to climb.   In 986 DE Everath joined the STA to form SETA. Since then, trade wars between SETA and MTF have escalated, and in 988 DE, skirmishes have broken out along trade routes and acts of privateering have been increasing. Many believe it to be a prelude to war between Necros and Salaris.

Foreign Relations

With tensions rising between Necros and Salaris, along with trade blockades and skirmishes increasing in intensity, the threat of war between the two nations grows higher. Should the two nations go to war, the MTC would support Necros, while SETA would support Salaris.

Liberty from Magic Oppression

Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
Freedom Coalition
Northern Alliance (previous)
Member Nations


Different beliefs and cultural practices surrounding permissible uses of magic fuel much of the conflict in Imbria, particularly between the MFC and SETA.  
Magic throughout the lands
Generic article | Dec 19, 2020

The definition and use of magic varies throughout the land and is greatly influenced by culture


The Divine Goddess
Torva is the goddess of light and healing. As such, divine and healing magic are most highly valued by her followers and Torverath's Paladin Order.   Her teachings and followers denounce necromancy and all forms of blood magic, labeling them evil.   Worship of Torva has spread throughout Imbria and beyond, even to Everath on the eastern continent. It is the primary religion of Salaris, its leadership often collaborating with the temple and High Priestess in the city-state Torverath.

Magic Alliance Trade Agreement

The MFC crafted MATA in 979 DE to combat trade restrictions and sanctions imposed by Salaris and Torverath on surrounding nations. Includes MFC members plus Eldahi.  
by hcraven

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Looking Forward

There are many ongoing discussions on how to increase support and sympathizers for the MFC from various groups throughout Imbria, including from civilian groups and businesses within Salaris. Some argue the futility of this, while others claim that even small-scale support is worth gaining, if only for the potential trade of goods.  
Eldahi - sage.png
While Eldahi has long held a position of neutrality, some believe that Eldahi might eventually be convinced to join the MFC. The Eldahi people practice a wide variety of magic, including minor blood magic and communicate with their ancestral spirits, both practices denounced by Torverath.   With Torva zealot attacks on the Eldahi people on the rise and Salaris pressuring the Eldahi to adopt both the religion and modern arcane practices, the MFC is hopeful that Eldahi will finally choose a side: theirs. Assistance from Eldahi could prove pivotal should war errupt.  
MFC Name Change
There is growing demand that the MFC change its name to the Freedom Coalition. Some believe this would further aid in winning support from Eldahi, as the nation is very friendly to its non-magic people.   Additionally, this could entice more nomas sympathizers as well as galvanize the nomas within MFC countries should the MFC go to war with SETA, something that could prove useful should the military need to recruit more able bodies.   Some contest the utility of this, while others point to the historical Paltetia Revolution as proof of potential nomas power.

  • 813 DE

    844 DE

    Northern Wars
    Military action

    War between Rhovan and Necros over territory and resources

    Additional timelines
  • 844 DE

    Northern Non-Aggression Pact
    Diplomatic action

    This pact ended the Northern Wars between Necros and Rhovan, and served as little more than a treaty for non-violence between the two nations.

  • 852 DE

    Northern Alliance

      A few short years after Queen Marcella assumed the throne of Necros, she and the ruler of Rhovan entered into the Northern Alliance as a show of bringing the two nations closer together in cooperation. Marcella sought to not only avoid another war between the two nations, but to repair Necros's economy and restore the strength and numbers of her necromancers.   The agreement included yearly summits to discuss open trade, border disputes, and other issues. This is considered to be the true beginning of the Magic Freedom Coalition.

  • 976 DE

    Magic Freedom Coalition
    Diplomatic action

    The Northern Alliance evolved into the Magic Freedom Coalition as an official response to tightening travel and trade restrictions from Salaris and Torverath and a renewed public denouncement of blood magic and necromancy.

  • 979 DE

    Magic Alliance Trade Agreement
    Diplomatic action

    The MFC successfully established an important trade agreement between not only its members, Necros and Rhovan, but also the politically neutral Eldahi and the island nation of Mantalos.   This Magic Alliance Trade Agreement (MATA) helps offset the tightening trade restrictions from Salaris and Torverath.

  • 980 DE

    Mantalos Joins MFC
    Diplomatic action

    The island nation of Mantalos officially joins the Magical Freedom Coalition, expanding its reach and scope.

  • 988 DE

    Trade Skirmishes
    Military action

    Salaris military units began blocking Necrosi trade routes as sanction for Necros's continued practice of necromany and refusal to embrace the goddess Torva. This includes blocking trade with Eldahi where possible and intercepting trading vessels.   This situation soon turned into a series of skirmishes and acts of piracy, cutting off much of the food supply for the northern nations. These conflicts are increasing in intensity and are thought to be the prelude to a declaration of war in the near future.


Author's Notes

This article was created for the Alliance Challenge. Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check out the timeline by selecting the tab above.     GIF created with Inkscape, Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator, and

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