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High Priestess of Torva

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Torva's light will cleanse the malice of your hearts and heal your sorrows. Each and every one of you is called to embody the love of Torva.
— Ariadne
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As the High Priestess of the Torvae Temple, Ariadne is both the religious leader for worshipers of the Divine Goddess Torva and the head of state of Torverath, the theocracy-based city-state that forms the epicenter of the religion.   Her influence spreads beyond Torverath. The primary religion of the surrounding nation of Salaris is also worship of Torva. Salarians look to the Temple for guidance and the government of Salaris seeks Ariadne's input on many issues. Torverath and Salaris share open borders and are so intertwined politically that many consider Torverath to be a second capital city.  


Ariadne is a true light in these troubled times, ever spreading Torva's wisdom and love. We must not forsake Torva's teachings simply because religion is no longer fashionable. Nor can we be swayed by the temptations of evil magics.
— Citizen of Torverath

Foreign Relations

Necromancy cannot be tolerated at any level. The Goddess forbids it. Neither can we permit blood magic, as it too corrupts the soul. We must be ever vigilant against these evils and root them out. Torva did not grant us knowledge of the divine so we may sit idly.
— Ariadne
  Ariadne's strong words

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At an early age, Ariadne showed great promise in both light magic and healing magic.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
High Priestess of Torva
Head of State of Torverath
Current Residence
Torvae Temple
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Known Languages


The Divine Goddess
Torva is the goddess of light and healing. Her teachings and followers denounce necromancy and all forms of blood magic.

Worship of Torva has spread throughout Imbria and beyond, particularly throughout Salaris, with her temple, High Priestess, and seat of influence residing in the city-state Torverath.

Worship of the Goddess is banned in Necros, the only country to embrace necromancy.

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