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Imbria is the eastern subcontinent of Wennovi. It is a land of magic, where witches form the ruling class, and a person's status is based on their magic level.  


  Prior to the Great Uprising, Imbria was a united kingdom under the rule of Emperor Imbrianus. After the emperor was defeated, Imbria was divided into several countries:
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Fauna & Flora

Imbria has a wide variety of plant and animal life. Most notable, however is the magimandus, whose scales are used in potions and material goods. It is native to the Great Woods, and can be vicious when provoked.  
Magimandus - Magic Eater
Species | Jul 13, 2020

A creature that both hunts and consumes magic.

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The Great Divide

  The Great Divide is a magical barrier that divides Wennovi into two subcontinents: Paltetia and Imbria. This barrier is thought to be impassible. Because of this, and the fact that Imbrian nations trade with those across the sea, most Imbrians believe the western half of Wennovi to be uninhabited.   Read more about the Great Divide

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