No magic should be forbidden, no knowledge taboo. And the notion of a single affinity... ridiculous.
— Statement from a known Dabbler
  Dabblers are witches who defy the modern beliefs and restrictions about magic and its use. They are known to practice a wide variety of magic types types, intentionally seeking out a range of spells and have even been known to dabble in potion-making, rune-etching, and other forms of magic.   While the tendency to learn new spells and try new skills is common, dabblers make this a part of their goals and their personal identity. They prefer not to identify themselves by their primary magic type, and many, in fact, deny the existence of a singular affinity toward a particular magic (e.g. fire magic, healing magic, etc.).   For many dabblers, this pride in experimenting with magic types extends even into necromancy and blood magic, which are illegal in some Imbrian nations. This has led to the term dabblers to be used as a perjorative, and few openly declare themselves as dabblers for fear of facing arrest.  

Magic throughout the lands

The rise and existence of the dabblers as a specific subset of the population has been greatly influenced by cultural practices surrounding magic.   Torverath & Salaris
Torverath - sun.png
Salaris - eagle v.png

In Torverath and Salaris, necromancy and blood magic are strictly forbidden. Witches are encouraged to pursue a single magic specialty, whatever they show a natural affinity for, and only learn a few standard, general spells.
  Those who attend Arcanis Academy typically study a secondary specialty and learn more kinetic offensive and defensive spells, but they still primarily operate under their main class of magic.   As such, Salaris and Torverath see the highest number of dabblers hiding amongst the witch population.   Necros
Necros - Raven B.png
Necros is the only country where necromancy is embraced, but even still, Necros does limit certain magic. Divine magic, as with worship of Torva, are forbidden, as are some levels of blood magic.   Dabbling in a variety of magic is not as frowned upon in Necros so long as legal limitations are observed, but the cultural beliefs around a primary magic type still exist. Pursuing necromancy as a specialty is encouraged above all other magic, which does make some feel restricted in their exploration and expression of their abilities. As such, dabblers exist in Necros, though there are not as many.   Eldahi & Rhovan
Eldahi - sage.png
Dabblers do not exist in Eldahi and Rhovan as a specific counterculture. The Eldahi practice a wide variety of magic and embrace far more magic than most cultures, with the only limitations being consent and safety. Rhovan is the most permissive in terms of magic use.

Major organizations

Dabblers are not known to gather en masse, and while individuals may meet to share ideas, they do not operate under a unifying organization.   However, many dabblers are members of the Unity Group, a group looking to reunify Imbria under a central government. Some of these are even members of the Phoenix Group, a small, secretive organization that believes the Mage Rising myth to be prophetic. They long for the return of the Imbrianus bloodline to restore the Imbrian Empire and search for potential decendents of the Imbrianus family that may have escaped the mage hunts after the Great Uprising.
Related Locations
Dabblers can be found throughout Imbria, but most are thought to reside in Salaris
To most dabblers, the pursuit of knowledge and power are far more important than ethics and decency.
— Magistrate of Salaris

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