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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a counter-culture in your world, something outside the mainstream culture of the place.
A total of 403 entries

The Followers of the Natural Order

The Monks of The Leviathan

The Weaver and the Handles Woven

the Baytsolmen Reconstructionists

Guild of Florists and Agronomists.

The Underground Mages of Kragzbarg

Movement for Demons Rights Recognition

Student Culture at the University of Alarca

Igniting 'The Cadre', the Spark of a Revolution

Nación de los Gallinaceos

Revolutionary counterculture

The Orcula, The orcs of the Ox Plains

Social Willowings -- (Willowings)

The Tribe of the Ever-Standing

The Order of the Invisible Shield

The Underground Arcane Society

The Mansheer - Sand and Rock dwellers

The Kroblins of the western mountains

The Animalists of Sagadorm Ethnicity {WASC2020}

Mnorh for Tilgish Freedom and Equality

The Pursuers Of The First One

The Elves of the Green Slipper

Sympathisers of the Oathbreakers

The Inclusion movement - Culture shift

Benot ha-Adam (Daughters of Men)

Sashou (Elven Reunification Movement)

Travelling halfling communities

Natural Magic practices in Saxony

The Black Hand: Changing Brightport From Within (SC'20)

Heivursmadur - Kämpfer der Ehre

Zeribians of West Island