Warriors of Kynath

The Warriors of Kynath are savages! They turned our ship away and deigned to insult the High Priest. They.... No! I cannot repeat their foul words. They refuse to see reason beyond that of their primitive snake-god.
— A Tighrunite Missionary
  Made up of both men and women from the Kynath Archipelago, the Warriors of Kynath consider themselves protectors of their people and servants of Kynath, the mythical serpent god. Believing themselves descendants of their god, they call upon him when going into battle.  


According to legend, the people of the Kynath Archipelago are descendants of the serpent god, Kynath, for whom their homeland is named. The Warriors of Kynath have taken it upon themselves to honour and carry forward this legacy through strict rituals and practices. Although the Kynathians are an old people dating back to the days where myths were decidedly more tangible, the Warriors have in recent decades experienced a resurgence. This has made it more difficult for travellers, merchants and outside influences to visit the archipelago. The Warriors of Kynath acts as gatekeepers towards anyone they see as harmful to their society.   Traditionally, they would protect the archipelago from attacks and even come to the aid of allies in need. However, in recent times, who is considered a threat has changed - the definition has broadened to include anyone who might question their beliefs, and they've not engaged in any sort of diplomacy in decades. Why is that?  


Led by a Battle Master, the Warriors of Kynath are not a democracy. Once accepted into the group, members are expected to follow the Battlemaster's word; only Kynath himself can trump them. Newly inducted members seem to have the least clout but beyond that, any internal hierarchy is decided at the discretion of the Battle Master. Upon the death of a Battle Master, a ceremony is held during which he or she is honoured and a new Battle Master is selected.  

Culture and Religion

The Warriors of Kynath are open to any man or woman of Kynathian descent who wishes to join, provided they are deemed fit to do so. While the selection process is a closely guarded secret, it appears to be a rigorous process with both physical and mental trials, many of them taking place on the rough seas around the archipelago. They are skilled sailors and strong swimmers, even while clad in armour.   The Warriors of Kynath also maintain several shrines and religious sites on the Kynath islands and do so with strict regularity.   Due to their avid adherence to their serpent god and the closed nature of their group (no outsider has ever gained membership), one could be forgiven for calling them a sect. They do not take challenges of their beliefs lightly, even when done with the utmost care and logic reasoning.  



Although skilled with bows and arrows, the signature weapon of the Warriors of Kynath is a spear depicting the sea serpent, Kynath. These spears are carved from wood and reinforced with steel. Despite their elaborate appearance, they are effective in battle. The barbed tip is capable of severely injuring an opponent and can reliably pierce all but the heaviest of armour. In peacetime, the people of Kynath are known to use their spears for both whaling and hunting.  


As for their armour, the warriors are clad in sealskin and a type of scale-mail made from hardened whalebone. This makes for insulating, waterproof armour that's lightweight while still providing protection from projectiles and blows. Surprisingly, the Kynatians remain agile in their armour while wet or even submerged. While most capable men and women possess such armour, only the Warriors of Kynath are allowed to wear the customary black and silver of their god. This armour is said to have received a blessing of protection from Kynath himself, and while that may have been true once upon a time, it's this author's opinion that such protections would have worn off by now - if they ever existed.   None the less, the Warriors of Kynath are capable and a force to be reckoned with, if only to cause trouble for travelling Tighrunites.
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It should be noted that the author of this article was (rudely) turned away by the people of Kynath during a recent research expedition.
Kynathian Spear by Sofi Hjalmarsson


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