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Lak Traygers

    The Lak Traygers are known as the Merchants of the Black and are a group of traders that originate from the Eral Islands. While traders the Lak Traygers are much more then just traders and merchants, they have developed a oceanic Nomadic life style. The Lak perpetually sail eastward around the globe allowing the afternoon winds to continually blow their boats towards the storms of high noon. Yet they never sail fast enough to reach noon and stop at the various ports of the world trading goods and information.   The Traders started out in F.E. Day 3850 as a members of Jharette merchant family that made their way to the backwater Eral Islands after being expelled from the faith. The Islands were considered a free-spirited backwater in the Cradari Empire. The traders started exploring down the island chain and into the hidden side of the world where the The Swirling Eye did not reach. For thousands of days sea goers did not venture away from the Eye because during the day their was no way to accurately navigate using celestial bodies. Yet they dared navigate without the eye and in 4100 Toomore had a vision that one could sail perpetually around the world using the afternoon winds. Once he proved that this was possible and returned with a boat load of valuables from around the globe, the remaining members of the merchant family adopted this way of life. Now over 600 days later the Merchants of the black continually sail around the globe moving large amounts of trade goods across the world. However, they are patrons to the great free cities of the Eral Islands. The Traders have brought great wealth to these once backwater islands, yet most inhabitants of the cities do not understand the call of the ocean and the perpetual movement of these traders.


Beauty Ideals

Highly bronze/tan skin is considered extremely sexy. Lanky and agile bodies are considered attractive. Climbing and swimming prowess are also considered attractive. The ideal virtue in men is subservience and submissiveness in behavior and raw athletic power ability.

Gender Ideals

The Lak Traygers are a extremely matriarchal society. So much so that many men are often cast out of the family or assigned to run the desk jobs at locations where the family has  headquarters.

Courtship Ideals


Relationship Ideals

The ideal relationship is one of subservience to the boat and to the matriarch. The Merchants of the Black do not form  monogamist pair relationships. Instead family members on the ship are seen as your family, and ensuring the survival of the ship is ideal. Instead the family owes it service to the ship and the matriarch,  a captain which the crew elects. In terms of romance, men owe their service to a ship and are "married" to the ships of a different family. They are seen as sexual objects that serve the ship by tending to the women's needs. Given that a single ship might have 10-20 women onboard and only a few men. Most men are cast out from the society, or work in the families land based offices.
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