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Blood Berry

The bloodbery is a berry that grows in the Noshar Desert. The plant makes small red berries and if a few are eaten at once will induce a miscarriage. These berries are difficult to cultivate and seem to naturally grow on irrigated land often used as forage for Ghats . The species does not tolerate humidity well and has been unable to be grown successfully outside of the desert regions. If picked fresh its abortican properties fades in about an Ides Cycle . If picked and eaten frozen the berry retains its aborticant properties, but it is very hard to does. Some frozen berries still are potent as an aborticant and some are not. This means that the berry can not be exported for its aborticant properties. Some are exported frozen, but due to the inconsistent dosing have lead to horror stories about ovdoses by women attempting to buy frozen berries outside of the deserts region and attempting a abortion.

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