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Scorgium, also know as the shakes, is a condition that slowly causes muscle degeneration and weakness. People who suffer from it begin by feeling like they are getting weaker, but they seem physically fine. Then a couple of hours later they begin losing weight and their muscles seem noticeably diminished. Often times this degeneration continues to progress until they pass away. Communities hit hard by the disease can be entirely wiped out. However, sometimes people appear to recover with no explanation as to why. In the Eral Islands people believe that the waters on Rummrar Retreat can cure the disease. People who go their do seem to improve. Scorgium is relatively recent disease and it was not documented until around 4100 when the first cases were documented on the continent of Marrish. The condition remained relatively rare for the next several hundred days. Then around day 4400 the condition started to increase rapidly among the people of Marrish and the People of the Eral Islands. Strangely these seemed to be the only two location where this condition was noticed.   In 4490 a scholar noticed that the disease seemed to be linked to the consumption of bread wisp larva. He noticed that the condition was much more prevalent in communities that around Lok Fruit plantations. After examining the bread wisp hives near the planations he noticed that the bread wisps were consuming the Lok Fruit. When the people at these larva small amounts of the Lok Friut toxin would build up in their system causing the symptoms of Scorgium. This discovery has cause lots of tension between the people of Marrish and the Cradari Empire which is hesitant to close down the Lok Fruit plantations on Marrish.

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