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Bipod Gait

The fastest locmotion pattern that many of the six legged creatures on didome use. It is distigished by pairs of legs remaining in contact with the ground. The gait forms a syncopated rythm, with a long push of the middle legs followed by two quick pushes of the diagonal pairs of front and back legs allowing the middle legs time to swing forwards and recontact the ground. For example first, the middle pair of legs move the creature forwards. Then as they leave the ground the front right and back left leg contact the ground and keep the forward momentum going. As the middle legs contiune to swing forward the final pair of legs consisting of the front left and back right legs contacts the ground allowing the creature to contiune forward and allowing enough time for the middle legs to swing all the way forwards and recontact the ground.

Example of a Bipod Gait

32 seconds into the video is a great example of a Bipod Gait

Cover image: Bipod Gait by monika1607


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