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The ancient city of Delfi is located on the istmus between Lake Resbort and Lake Tormbort. The city was the capital of the United Delfic States before the city was captured by the Yenari Empire in 4344. Now over 150 days later the city has still not been fully intergrated into the empire. The city is seen as a place of moral corruption and debachery, despite many attempts by the Thrye to crack down on the imorality.   The city is a major shipping port that concets the two lakes together by the Great Portage, a kilometers long rail and road system that can move smaller trade ships between the lakes. Larger ships still have to unload thier cargo and then move it over land to be loaded onto smaller lake bound crafts. The city itself is actually two cities Res-Delfi and Torm-delfi connected by a dense network of villages and urban areas supporting the great portage.


The city is overseen by a Nermere Weth the Delfi Guide. Unlike in other regions of the empire he has complete authority to oversee the administration of the city as well as the ability to oversee the administration of the justice in the city. His mother was rumored to be favorited by Neerse the 23th and he allowed this situation to occur. This structure gives almost absolute athourity to the Delfi Guide. While Nermere's mother used the position to vastly increase her wealth and maintain the reputation of the city as a imoral place of pleasure. Nermere is determined to bring morality back to the city. This has started to create conflict and turmoil in the city.

Industry & Trade

Since Delfi is a major trade port with a Great Portage where all sailors must disembark to move the ship acros the portage, this increases the reputation of the city of a place of imorality and sin. Many sailors disaffected with their current ship desert while thier ship is portaged and thus Delfi has a very high population of poor disaffected sailors.


The city is built around the Great Portage to transport ships and good between the lakes. Most of the infastructure is build around this project. The city also hosted the Delfi Granic Senate until it was captured. The Granic Seante Complex was repurposed as a Gran Saminism temple. This project failed when the city was recatured. However, once the Yenari Empire regained the city, the senate was turned into a resort for Tern elite, often called the Senate of Pleasure.


The city of Delfi was contructed by Rel as a way to bypass the Den Shar swamp. It quickly became a very influancial city controling most of the trade to Lake Tormbort and Lake Frobort. The city revolted away from the Middle Yenari Empire as the Tern Tribes attacked the empire. The city then became the main point of resistance to the Tern controlled Yenari Empire. For hundreds of days the city served as the capital to the United Delfic States. At the end of the War of 200 days the city was captured by the Yenari Empire.   During the intial ocupation the Thrye of Gran Saminism attempted to impose samin's laws on the Barsaminic populkation. They even tried to convert the senate building into a temple complex. The imposition of the religious laws and practices did not go well, and the city was a place of constant religious strife, violance, and massacres. Then during the Delfic League War the league recaptured Torm-delfi and the senate complex. Soomere Weth betrayed the city and let the Yenari Empire recapture the city. She then distingished herself in the Tern Bass revolt and was rewarded with the Delfi Guide position. She then ruled Delfi for over 60 days. During this time she was granted the right to oversee the city and the justice as well. She brought stability to the city, but some claim she turned it into her personal empire. Despite this Neerse the 23th allowed her to keep the title and even gave the title to her 60 day old son when she passed away.
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