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Hogan (Food Carts of Dackkort)

Dackkort is a huge multicultral city know for it's exotic mix of cultures and goods. One thing that sets it apart from other Cradcresse Islands cities is the large diversity of cuisines and food that permeate the city. The term Homen refers to the street food vendors of the city that take walk their food carts through the neighborhoods and boroughs of the city selling foods to the residents of the city right at their front door. The Homen use a Hogon to peddle their food. Essentially the Hogan is a two wheeled cart with a large u shaped handle at the front and two resting posts at the front. The cart has a two indentations in the top where a metal pot can be placed. Surrounding the indentations is several layers of insulation that can be used to keep the contents hot (or in very rare luxurious cases cold). The cart also has several side doors into the insulation chamber. These doors lead to to chambers where rocks taken from fires can be placed. This means that by occasionally replacing these rocks, food can be kept piping hot and safe to eat.
In the night many of the Homen sell lots of piping hot soups and stews. In the day some Homen sell some will sell Ice cold beverages. The treat of having an ice cold beverage in the day comes at a sky high price. The Homen have to visit the Icemen (laborers who freeze drinking water in long trays at night and store them in insulated store room during the day). In order to keep the beverages cold while not diluting them with ice. The Hogan has one pot filled with ice water and the drink pot is then placed in this ice cold water bath.
Common in Dackkort
5-6 ft
100-200 lbs

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