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The land of Marrish is located several hundred miles to the east of the Cradcresse Islands and has been geographically isolated from all of the other continents except Cressebore for millions of years. This isolation has caused the continents to have several families of species to entirely endemic to Cressebore and Marrish. Since Marrish was one of the places humanity did not reach for many days the flora and fauna appear to be extraordinarily unique to many of the civilizations on Didome.


Marrish is a place with low hills and broad flat plains. The continent is not very geographically active. An geologic rift formed millions of years ago and separated Marrish from Cressebore. Now the oceanic trench slowly pushes them further apart. The Marrish plate is not currently colliding with another and thus the region is very geologically stable. The eastern cost of marrish is covered in low rolling hills. These are the remains of a old mountain range that formed and now is eroding away. The broad plains to the the west of the mountain range contain the rocks of the once majestic mountains. The plains are gentle and rolling with wide rivers continuing to carry away eroded rock from the eastern hills.

Fauna & Flora

Since Marrish was isolated much of it's flora and fauna is endemic to it. Most notably the hexopeds that inhabit most of the rest of didome are absent on the island. Instead much of the herbivores on the island are wisps (creatures that form social colonies of hundreds of individuals). Some wisps are the size of ones palms, and some species individuals are as small as pupil.   While many wisps make their colonies undisturbed by human civilizations, one species of wisp was domesticated around F.E. day 3600. The bread wisp was domesticated by humans that would find a young empero wisp and provide it with a hive and the carefully select out the solider wisp larva, consuming them as food and then allow the rest of the wisp larva to develop and grow the colony. Now tending the bread wisps hives is one of the main forms of agriculture on the island.   Some scholars also suspect that the ancestor of the Finback is present on the island. The multipeds are present in many different forms. The Multiped is a segmented creature with each segment containing a pair of legs or other appendages. The scholars suspect that one species of Multiped preferred living on the coast. As the creature spent more time on the coast its legs became webbed and then eventually evolved into the majestic fins of the Finback. The Multipeds fill multiple ecological niches from herbivorous grazer to apex predator.


The history of the settlement of Marrish can be found in the Marrish timeline.
Alternative Name(s)
Land of the Bread Wisp
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