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Den Mar

The vast expanse of reeds, tide pools, snarled shrubs compose the area called the Den Mar. The Den Mar is a Tidal Marsh in the south of Central Cresshar. The marsh has played a pivotal role in the history of Didome due to the fact that it is the waterway that conects the Tresbort Lakes to the oceans; any trade or goods from central Creshar must pass through the marsh.   The Ides Tide is mainly resonsible for flooding the marsh every 35 earth hours. As the tides forces water from Herm's Sea into the broad valley of the lower Strepslim the sea level rises by as much as 21 meters. 16 meters of this tidal rise is caused by the Ides tide and reaches a high tide every 35 earth hours. This can cause up to 50 km of shoreline to become flooded. Thus the tidal flood can move at 1-2 km an earth hour. 5 meters of the tidal increse happens due to the Great Tide. This means the highest tides occur at noon and midnight and the lowest tides occur at dawn and dusk.   The tidal coastal marsh is mainly controled by the The Delnari Coalition , one of the locations the Denites - culture consider as their territory. Specifically the Marites consider the southern reaches of the Den Mar thier home and have resisted the rule of the The Delnari Coalition.


The Den Mar is a Tidal Marsh, meaning that due to its low lying geographic location and effects of the tides, the whole area is constantly flooded by the Tides of Didome. The tides can increase the sea level by up to 16-21 meters. Since the area is extremely flat this can cause areas up to 60 km inland to be flooded by the ocean. 16 meters of this flooding is caused by the Ides Tide and that happens every quarter Ides Cycle (35 earth hours). 5 meters of the flooding is caused by the Great Tide and happens once every quarter Day (45 earth days).   This flooding creates three distinct zones. The Wet Marsh, The Cycle marsh and the Dry Marsh.   The first 15 km is the Low marsh and it is the area that flooded for most of the day and is only exposed when both the great tide and ides tides are low. This means that for most of the day the marsh is covered by water.   The Cycle marsh is the middle 30 km that is flooded and exposed during each Ides tide regardless of the state of the Great Tide.   The Dry Marsh is the area of the marsh that is only flooded when both the great tide and the ides tides are nearly full. This means that for most of the day this area remains dry.
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