Due to the interesting orbital dynamics of the solar system, Didome's sun appears to take 184.4 earth days to travel through the sky. Therefore, a day on Didome is the unit of time almost equivalent to half of a year on Earth. People keep track of their age in days, and historical events are often recorded in days.
  In a Didome day there are exactly 32 Ides Cycle , and 280 Ock @ock. This means that between midnight and sunrise there are exactly 8 Ides cycles, and 70 Ock Cycles. By keeping track of the moons the people of didome can easily track the passage of time during the long nights.
The day stretched on for an eternity. The air rippled over the springy jet black curls of Aniya's hair and danced off the foamy waters of the Finback playing on the surface as it rapidly rushed towards the sun. Novus hung low imperceptibly sinking in the sky and leading the perpetual noon away from the shores of the Finback. The reddening orange light hanging in the Eastern horizon, signaled the end of Aniya's morninghood and the start of her days of service to the Din Yurk. Just like the air, trapped with the peppery scents of desiccated needle grass, is pulled towards the fiery heat of the sun, the swirling frenetic energy of the Din Yurk would drag Aniya away from her home and towards the heart of the Empire.

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