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Laughing madness

Laughing madness is a condition mainly suffered by the Wesher people living near along the We-Vass Sea. The disease starts out as a slight tremor in the extremities that is hard to control. As the disease progresses the tremors become more uncontrolable and severe. Some people suffer from an uncontrolable laughter as well. Although the laughter seems to be caused by the uncontrolable tremors in the vocal cords causing laughter when a patient is just breathing. Patients often time report pain in the joints that get worse as the disease progresses. The lack of muscule control quickly affects walking, eating and talking. The lack of muscle control can lead to difficulty swallowing and people in the late stage of the Laughing Madness often times suffer from malnutrition. The late stage of the disease is marked with difficulty breathing as control over the muscles of the diaphragm weakens. Patients usually die from the malnutrition or from lung failure. Patients are usually dead within two days from the first onset of the tremors.   Wesher elder are unsure of where the disease came from and how two treat it. There are a few recorded cases of this condition affecting the Derwash Empire however, not to the extent that the diesease affects the Weshers. Some of the wise women and healers of the Wesher believe that the diseases is caused by the Ero leaking out of a body leaving it weak and mad. It is believe that emotionally traumatic events, death of a loved one, gruesome injury, heartbreak, can shatter ones ability to retain Ero and that can lead to the Laughing sickness. Spiritual guidance and comfort is all that can be offerd to someone suffering from Laughing Madness.
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