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The captain's sense of unease continued to grow as the fresh breeze whipped at her salt white hair. The roiling cloud wall had appeared of the horizon sooner than she had expected, and now she was not sure they could reach the safe harbor of Port Cragsmouth. She looked up towards the South West and flung a curse at the smiling crescent of The Swirling Eye it's luminescence dwarfed by orange glow of Novus. The Captain turned to her Lieutenant and stated, "Let's fix our gaze just to be sure." The Lieutenant took the polished Sextant from the smooth Burgundy case at her hip and turned to face the eye.
A few fractions of a seconds ticked by, the Lieutenant lowered the sextant from her eye and crisply snapped "The eye is at 3 points off East and 2 high."
  After a few moments of mental calculation the Captains back stiffed and she walked to the Rudderman, her polished finback leather boots clicking across the tarred knucklereeds of the deck. Leaning in close she commanded, "Ruddermen I think we are going to have to run the gauntlet."
A couple thousand humans arrived on Didome a world where one day lasts about half and Earth year. How did they get here? Maybe the stabilized wormhole network collapsed stranding them, maybe their stargate failed, or maybe warp travel was so expensive one ship was all that earth could build. Whatever the reason - I know, but revealing that would be a spoiler - a couple thousand humans arrived on Didome cut off from most of their advanced technology. Now the question is how does their society develop? What cultures, conflicts, or creations do they build as they craft a new society on this second home?
Welcome to the world of Didome, if you are new here feel free take a moment to read the world's meta. Otherwise feel free to explore the world.