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Welcome to Didome

  Welcome to the world of Didome. A world where the time between sunrises is over half an earth year. The Sun heats the lands and oceans for over 90 earth days, warming up the atmosphere and sucking the frigid night air towards the sunward side. This cools the sun baked side and creates a constant wind bringing rapidly warming air and storms towards the noon of the planet. The day side of Didome can consistently get close to 37 degrees C (100 F) and the night side see temperatures close to -30 degrees C (-20 F).   During the course four and a half thousand days , humans have adapted their cultures and civilizations to the climate of Didome. The first people on Didome might have been the mythologized first descendants who may have started the adaptation process. Many religious claim the The First Descendants lived amongst the heavens before descending to Didome.   More modern cultures continue to adapt to the planet, while dealing with their own complex political struggles. For example theBarsamin Monastic Alliance relies on the domesticated colony species the Bread Wisp for food. Yet they have been brutally oppressed by the Cradari Empire. Now as the population on Didome continues to grow and adapt, political struggles become ever more global; many believe they are about to experience a time of prosperity, growth, and possibly revolution.   If you would like to lean more you can look at the Overview of Didome. It covers the unique Geophysics of the planet and solar system, gives a brief history of the human civilizations on Didome, and explains some of the modern nationscultures, and religions.  

Regions and Maps of Didome

Below are some of the more fully developed regions of Didome, or you can use the map to freely examine any area of the world that you find interesting.  

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