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Silth Cree

Silth Cree was a settlement that was founded by the Jharette people in 2031 by a group of sailors who set out to escape the turmoil caused by Jhar Dilith. They remained on friendly term with Jhar but had heard rumors of a land of white mountians where the storms of The Swirling Eye did not reach.   They did in fact find The Quiet Mountians a mountain range with towering marble white peaks that went down to a quite northern sea where the storms of the equatorial noon did not reach.   As the new Jharette faith established itself on Shadcress, the town of Silith Cree became know as a holy land demonstrating the opposite nature of many aspects of Didome, white marble cliffs, windless sea.   Over the next hundred and fifty days the settlement grew to include many religious orders and its strong patriarchal culture. The population in the area exploded as many second and third sons outcast from their families sought to make their fortunes in this new land. The Religious orders became well know for their pure white marble constructions. In fact the city is iconic for its pure white marble buildings.   When the 1st D'Lith commissioned the construction of the Lithstarr he specifically commissioned a fleet of ships to import the marble to the Lithstarr a trip of over 2000 miles. This undertaking and the strikingly pure white nature of the rock and the lack of other easily assesible sources of marble has made the Marble of Silth Cree famous throughout most of Didome.

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