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Overview of Didome

General Overview

Didome Globe by Cory Brooke-deBock with Map to Globe
Planet of Didome by Cory Brooke-deBock

Geophysics of the planet and solar system

A description of Didome and the solar system. The article includes a description of the orbital dynamics that give rise to Didome's day that lasts half an earth year, and the unique climate the extra long day creates on Didome.  

Human History on Didome

A brief description of the history of human civilization on Didome starting with the first people on Didome and tracing the major historical events that shapes the modern political dynamics on Didome.
Din Yurkish Children Playing img1091857-pxhere.com
Din Yurkish Children Playing by Arnette Slevin

Cultures on Didome

An article describing some shared cultural beliefs on Didome, and a description of three of the ancient cultures most other cultures on Didome are descended from.  

Religions of Didome

A primer on the five major religious groups on Didome, and a description of their beliefs, practices, and geographic locations.  

5 Major Nations on Didome

While there are dozens of nations, ranging from city states to large empires, this article focuses on five important nations of Didome.

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