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Derwass {The City of Derwash} stands in the middle of the Derwash delta. The city was once a the capital of the great Derwash Cities that filled the Derwash Delta. The city was founded in 2056 by Derrik Skellon who led his tribe down the Der River and founded the city. For over a thousand days the city grew and prospered becoming a the capital city in the Derwash Empire. The city remained remarkably stable over most of it's history, because it had a constant food supply. The annual flooding of the Derwash provided a steady supply of water to grow crops and the people devoted most of their efforts to improving agricultural yields. Yet starting around F.E. 4000 the Derwash feilds started producing less food leding to a time of unrest, The Fallowing of the Derwash. This unrest continued to grow as the yields kept falling.
  As the unrest built, the democratic system that had developed of the past 2000 days became stressed, doomsday cults appeared, political turmoils embroiled the city, and eventually the democratic system broke down with Derwash cities breaking away from the Empire. In 4213 the The Arrosos Wars started an the whole Derwash became involved in massive civil wars. In 4225 the City of Derwash was burned to the ground after the being sieged and starved. The destruction of the city and the wars caused a large wave of immigrants to leave the Derwash region.
  After the civil wars and the sacking of the city. The city never recovered. Now almost 200 days after the sack. The city has just a couple thousand residents who struggle to survive. The fertility of the Derwash never returned and ruins of the once great cities remain throughout the delta.

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