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Bread Wisp

The Bread Wisp is a related to the Scourge Wisp on Cressebore. However, the bread wisp is not an apex predator. The bread wisp is a domesticated wisp species that is an herbivore that feeds the colony on the seeds from the various plants on Marrish. The wisp coloney has various roles for the drones. Most of the colony is composed of grazers that have a power set of mandibles that it uses to collect seeds and plant matter. They also have a set of wings that they use to glide to the various plants that they eat. The Nurse wisps stay home at the colony and eat the plants and seeds that the grazers collect. They feed this paste to the Empero, grazers and Larva. The Colony also produces solider larva that protect the colony. However, the people of Marrish who have domesticated the wisp look through the larva and remove the soldier larva. Which they then consume for food.   The wisps were domesticated around 3100, and since then they have provided a huge surplus of food for the Marrish people. Most of the agriculture on Marrish revolves around taking care of the wisp colonies, and sorting through the larva to remove the soldier wisps. The wisps themselves are left to forage the surrounding landscape, which is allowed to remain wild and filled with the plants that are beneficial to the wisps. Some of the Marrish people will try to remove the unwanted plants and encourage the growth plants the wisps consume. However, the wisps will fertilize the plants that they consume with their excrement providing them will excess fertilizer and helping them out compete less preferable plants. Since less effort is required to produce food an Marrish, this has led to a large population explosion over the past 900 days. When the Eral Traders started exporting large quanties of Wisp larva in 4000 this had led to a large population increase in the Eral islands. In fact the stability of the Eral Island cities is depended on the continued export of wisp larva for a staple food in the island cities. In fact in 4458 when Marrish was conquered by the Cradari Empire the Cradari did not understand the appeal of the bread wisp and their conquering of the island, created political conflict with the Erals given the potential disruption of the wisp larval export.

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