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Coslum Daffam

Coslum Daffam, roughly translated from the Tern Bas, means gaining knowledge from the Great Father, Eath. It also means sleeping with the great father. Coslum Daffam refers to the state that people enter after drinking Stiffler juice, and concoction that the Tern Bas make by taking the venom of the stiffler and boiling it with goats milk. The Stiffler Juice is a very strong sedative that also induces hallucinations in people who drink the juice. People describe the effects of the juice as inducing a long dreamlike hallucination where you are free to wander among your dreams. People remain conscious of themselves but are unable to perceive the real world and remain trapped in their dreams. Essentially people have one long lucid dream with no ability to interact with the real world.   The Coslum trance can last for 8-12 hours.   The Shamans of the Tern Bas use the juice to enter their dreams and search for meaning from the Great Father. It is even believed that skilled Shamans can see visions of the future in their dreams. Therefore the Tern Bas will often consult a Shaman before making important decisions. However, when the Shamans embark on a Vision quest they always have a guide who does not take the Juice because the Juice generates a paralysis that can cause Shamans to Asphyxiate on their own saliva or blink. The guide ensures that the physical health of the Shaman is taken care of.   The Coslum trance can also induce an erection in males who take the juice. Since the trance can last over ten hours, males do not drink the Stiffler juice unless they are desperate for the knowledge they might gain and willing to except the risk of genital damage due to the extra long erection.


The sedative effect is a mild paralytic and reduces people autonomic reflexes. If people forget to close thier eyes before they enter Coslum, their body does not remember to blink and ones eye might become painfully dry. Additionally, ones swallowing reflex is dramatically reduced so if one enters coslum without lying one thier stomach people have been known to drown in their own salvia. People in coslum lose access to all their senses so if their hand falls into a fire they will not notice and be unable to pull their hand out.   The Juice also drastically, lowers the persons heart rate breathing and blood pressure.   The Juice also acts as a promotor for Nitic Oxide which is a very general signalling molecule in the body. This lowers blood pressure, increases peoples inflammatory response, and in males often times triggers and erection. Due to the fact that Coslum and trigger erections in males and that the Coslum trances can last over 10 hours. Males can suffer permanent genital damage due to the length of the trance.
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