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The Tablets of the First Decedents

The Tablets of the First Descendants are engraved gold sheets that have been encased in 1 cm of glass. The tablets supposedly hold the collected knowledge of the First descendants. Each sheet is appears to have fine engraving on the gold sheet the engraving has then been filled in with some form of black dye to make it stand out. People who see these tablets usually become more convinced that the First descendants were in fact fallen gods. The engraved writing, pictures, are very fine delicate and precise. The letter are so perfect that it seems as if no hand could have engraved it. Additionally, no one knows of any technique to encase a engraved metal sheet in glass. Additionally, the Nah-Key-Cent tell a story of a clumsy sage who dropped a tablet and was surprised to find that the glass had not shattered.   The tablets were kept in their entirety by the Nah-Key-Cent before their sanctum was destroyed after the fall of the one city. During the day of 2233, many of the Tablets were destroyed during the sacking of the sanctum (Destruction of the Nah-Key-Cent temple). However, several of them survived and were relocated by the Nah-Key-Cent as they fled to the East past the Ner-Slur Wall.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

When many of the tablets were smashed as the Nah-Key-Cent sanctum was smashed it was discovered that the sheets of gold were not solid gold but were gold plated. Yet the quality and thickness of the gold plating further reinforced the idea that these tablets were in fact godly artifacts.   The glass hard to shatter but during the sacking several blows from the a sledge hammer caused the glass to shatter into thousands of small pieces.
Each tablet weighs 5 kg
Each tablet is 30 cm by 45 cm
Base Price

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