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The Blood Goblets

During the days of the 3900s when Cult of Shaf was forming a ritual developed for its members to identify families that were sympathetic to the cause of overthrowing the Yanarians. The Jharette people had long had a custom of sharing a drink with a visitor. The custom involved the visitor choosing a glass to share the drink with and then the glass would be passed around and communally drunk from. For this reason Jharette families often would have a cabinet full of glasses and goblets. The goblet case would often time be the most valuable thing in poor families homes. These goblets would be made out of all different kinds of material from colored class to carved stone. Some families would have a Shadow Rock goblet to show off. Since it is widely know that shadow rock is toxic. The glass was known to be decorative and know one would ask for a drink from it. 
  Some families sympathetic to the cults mission would have carved shadow stone of  Didome and its two moons (Ides and Ock) flanking their door. The cult members if they suspected a family to be sympathetic to their cause would ask to drink from the shadow rock goblet. Based on their reaction the member then could better judge the sympathies of the family.


The actual look of the goblet mattered little. Depending on the wealth of the family, it might be a extravagantly carved master piece with deep polished red and theological images etched into the sides, or it might be a clay goblet enbeded with shadow stone around the rim. The point of the goblet was to used during the sharing of the drink. Drink from the shadow stone goblet would also show that the cult members were not afraid the madness rumored to be caused by the holy rock.
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15 cm tall
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