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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a common item that is used as a secret symbol in your world.
A total of 339 entries

Calling for the Footman

Fletching of the Spinelanders

The Gifting of a House Plant

Blue Hanging Baskets of Shriscus

Steel Square Frame, Avoidence Movement

Prendedor de Albas Negras

The Language of Flowers: Frufiscus flower

Twin Mask of Smiles and Sorrow

Crowter "Thunderhawk" '04 Single Action Revolver

The Ninth Tarot Card: The Hermit

Van Cotin's Special Pocket Watches

Zircote sticks - a secret symbol

Bunches: Corsage and Boutonniere

Secret Insignia Ring - Sons of Freedom

Stone Disc of the Gorgon Society

The Inner Light- The Sacred Stone of Ignea

Secret Symbols / Hidden Amulets, Tattoos, and Magical Glyphs

Secondary skitter gems -- (Skitters)

Sanctioned Citizen Identification Implant

Just a Cog or Maybe The Traveler's Mark

Gwenan (Beekeeper's Brooch)

The Bone Vase and the Flower

Sith Thyrsa Challenge Coins

The Three Nails of Torog

Chapeau à plume des observateurs

Candle Stubs - A Vigilant Symbol?

Schlüssel der Königinnen-Wächter

The Goldern Knot - Secret Symbol

Three of an Ordinary Item

Heads or Tails? The Mark of the Dark Mistress

The Beads of Faith as used by Animalists {WASC2020}

Symbol of the Society of Bard

Identity of Members of the Order of Eight