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Apple of Chemazi

Have you ever committed an atrocity? A murder perhaps, or arson. Perhaps you were once an assassin operating from the great western city of Kaplum. If the latter applied to you, you must be familiar with the apple of Chemazi. The city of Kaplum is a city in the kingdom of Murtivia. The city is known for its defensive capabilities, but also for its unruly populace. Plagued by death and destruction, the city is the headquarters of the Black Apple Guild, an Assassins guild.  

The guild

The Black Apple Guild has their hands all over the northern side of Murtivia. But especially in Kaplum they have a strong presence. They complete assassination contracts and earn a nice living by doing some sidebuisness like extortion and sometimes even mercenary work. They are feared by the population of Northern Murtivia, who know not to mess with the Black Apple Guild.  

The Apple

The guard force of Kaplum even fears the guild. This makes for an interesting position in which the assassins actually have to identify themselves when making a kill. The guards won't do anything if they know its the apples that killed the victim. The guild has invented something quite curious for this. They developed black apples which they leave as a calling card when making a murder. They call it, "The apple of Chemazi", named after the inventor of the apples. They leave this whenever they make a kill, so the guards known not to investigate further. Buying off corrupt officials and murdering anyone who doesn't comply helped with this too. Although the "truce" is quite flimsy, anywhere outside of Murtivia, also known as the land of the dead, this would probably fall flat. The guild also makes sure to punish anyone who tries to impersonate them.

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